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  1. Looking to upgrade from an old BenQ XL24411 144Hz 1080p. Looking to run with a Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 5700XT. Anyone have any recommendations in the UK for sub £350 freesync compatible 1440p 144Hz (or above) monitor?
  2. I currently have a BenQXL2411 144Hz 1080p monitor which I bought in 2015 which has been perfect.I'm looking to upgrade my rig but the monitor only has DVI and 60Hz HDMI. My preferred GPU would be the 5700XT which doesn't support DVI.I could buy an RTX 2060 Super card at the same price with a DVI port with a little less performance and stick with my current monitor.Should I be looking to upgrade my monitor to a display with HDMI 2.0 or better with displayport to use the 5700XT? With an RTX 2060 Super/ 5700XT should I be looking at a 1440p display? CPU would be a Ryzen 5 3600.If anyone has any recommendations for 144Hz monitors feel free to share but not looking to spend more than 300$/£ if upgrading is my best option
  3. glenwing disagreed with your cable solution, think im just gonna buy a 2060 super with a DVI
  4. I currently have a GTX 960 and I'm looking to build a new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. However I use a BenQXL2411 monitor which only runs on 60Hz through HDMI but full 144Hz through DVI.Option 1: Buy an RTX 2060 super card with a DVI port and keep my current monitor to save a ton of hassle.Option 2: Sell my monitor and buy an RX 5700 or XT version and shell out an extra £125-175 on an entirely new monitor. (Every 5700 card I've seen lacks a DVI port.) Option 3: Buy an expensive (£110) active dual link DVI display port adapter and keep my current monitor which would work with an RX 5700 card. Here's the BenQ monitor - https://zowie.benq.eu/en-uk/product/monitor/xl/xl2411.html (1x DVI-DL 1x D-sub 1x HDMI)Thanks for any help!
  5. I currently have an MSI GTX 960 GPU which uses DVI to run at 144hz on my BenQXL2411Z monitor. The monitor has an old HDMI that only supports up to 60hz as well as the DVI port and a D-sub port. However I want to upgrade to an RX 5700XT which has 3 display ports and one HDMI port. What are my options? Looking to run at 1080p. Here's the BenQ monitor - https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/31ff77c