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  1. I have a LG G5, it has USB-C can I split the port and charge it while it I export the video to my monitor at the same time? Thanks
  2. I through in a Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 with 512 mb of ram and it works fine at 1650x1050 but craps out when dropping out to play rocket league... Does this card actually draw more power than a gtx 1050? Im starting to think there is a problem with the PSU. (This PC might just go to my father )
  3. thats what I was thinking.... Id love to upgrade the GPU so I can play some rocket league and work on a 4k monitor.
  4. This is the model of PSU Im trying to replace. https://www.ebay.com/c/28021428115 Ive never changed a PSU so I dont know how to find out if will get the appropriate. I was thinking of bring it to CanadaComputers and see what they say. Do you think this will be possible? Thanks for any tips.
  5. Im mucking around with various parts and got a PC put together. I was just got a Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 512MB and a lg 43ud79-b. I was wondering is there anyway to get at least 1440p out of this.... Id need to use DVI out of the video card. and HDMI or DisplayPort in to the monitor (Unless you got another idea)
  6. Someone offered me an old PSU and full sized case. I think the computer inside was a core 2 duo to give you an idea of the era of PC. Ive never built a computer and its be ages since I upgraded a system. Are the cables from an old PSU still compatible with current systems? What about the case Im pretty sure full ATX has been around forever are current motherboards compatible? etc thank for any discussion....
  7. 14-15 inch is good. 4hrs+ of battery life would be good. Budget 1400 or 1500 CAD. That being said I think Im leaning towards getting this Dell XPS 13. https://deals.dell.com/en-ca/productdetail/2xz8 Guess if I ever getting to gaming more than Rocket League I can get a GPU and thunderbolt external case. Thoughts?
  8. What laptop should I get. I have a 4k external screen and Ive gotten use to light weight systems.... Im not a gamer really. Rocket League and board games is all I play. Im leaning towards getting the asus zenbook ux434fl I want 16gb of ram. What attracts me to this is the portability, i7 processor and the 16gbs of ram.
  9. Do you have an Asus Zenbook 14 UX434FL? Ive been looking at this laptop. I was wondering what kind of battery life you've been getting. Can the second screen be shut off to increase battery life? Odd question but ever try linux? Do you think the second screen would work in Linux? Anything interesting you found by using it? I wish it had thunderbolt so I can add more devices to it. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks
  10. @Vexicus Thanks for the budget option but the CPU is important to me also, just not a gaming rig. I feel like a Ryzen 3 is too low and the reducing the ram isnt a bad option for what I do but Ill probably stick with 16 just cause its cheap and its always good to have more ram
  11. thanks thats what I would expect. Im thinking about getting the 3400G cpu. Should I be worried about the BIOS warning or will that be an upgrade I can apply without an full OS?
  12. Should I expect the CPU to have thermal paste already applied?
  13. Thanks guys this helped my decision process a lot