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    MSI Z97 GAMING 5
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    32Gb HyperX DDR3 @2200mhz
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    Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury
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  1. so recently i built a secondary media PC. it has a q6600 8 gb of ddr2 and a gts 450. i bought the cpu mobo and ram as a combo (intel mobo) after doing some testing i had to buy a new 4 sticks of ddr2 to get the 8 gb i wanted. now ive gone back to test the previous 4 sticks that came with the cpu and mobo. i got 2 working sticks and one bad stick. but the last one was really strange... this one stick would boot into the bios and everything looked fine but then as soon as i booted into windows the computer blue screened. does anyone know what could cause this and can it be fixed because 2 gb sticks of ddr2 are still semi-valuable.
  2. im using the snowman 5 cooler and that is also my experience
  3. after i just reduced my voltage i did a quick benchmark in cinebench r15 +r20 and package never went above 80 degrees Celcius
  4. just did a quick OC adjustment and i got my CPU stable at 4.8 GHz with 1.260 core voltage
  5. so today i decided to delid my 4790k to reduce my temps and to possibly get a higher overclock. i successfully delided it and decided to also lap the IHS. now i didnt have any liquid metal to use so i used gd900 thermal paste (roughly the same as MX4) it is much better than the stock intel TIM and now my avg package temp is much much lower while at a 4.8 GHz overclock. my question is: is it worth getting liquid metal at this point? i already resealed my CPU and i dont know how much more performance or stability i will gain from the extra thermal conductivity with liquid metal.
  6. alright thanks. ill try flashing that one and ill see what happens
  7. intel took all the bios downloads off their website
  8. hey does anyone know how i can get a newer bios for an intel dg35ec motherboard even though support was dropped by intel? if you find one tell me how to get it pls because i need to update the bios of that motherboard i have
  9. hmm thats the only thing i saw right away but ill look again
  10. did you make sure to update the bios the support 3rd gen ryzen on your motherboard?
  11. so recently i built an lga 775 based system focusing on mass compatibility with past and future storage methods. it has the following specs: c2d e8400 8gb ddr2 800mhz intel dg35ec motherboard antec 400w psu 256gb samsung ssd roswill fmb-01 case optical + floppy drive usb 3.0 card creative labs soundblaster midi/audio card When i initially started the system it booted right up and i got into the bios to check that everything was working correctly. it seemed to be ok so i went right to try installing windows 10. when i tryed to install windows the computer would get to the blue windows logo stop for 2-3 min then restart itself (this happened continuously). i originally thought i might have had to do with the fact i was using a usb instead of a disk since this system is older, so i switched to a windows 7 disk but this time it didnt even get to the windows logo. i was then very confused as to what was happening because this has never happened to me before. i then started looking into possible bios support issues. i found on intels website that the latest bios for this motherboard supported windows 7 so i just had to get the bios download and update my bios.... easy right??? On intel motherboards from this day and age you are suposed to be able to hit f7 at start to launch a bios update utility but for some reason my motherboard wont initiate it when i hit f7. At this point im not really sure what to do because i cant update the bios to get the OS i want. Any Ideas?
  12. herb

    Dead Laptop??

    hey thanks guys. unfortunatly both of your suggestions failed to work in my favor. at this point i think the motherboard of the laptop might be the issue because during my small test i noticed the cpu getting really REALLY hot almost immediately, and i have cleaned the coolers and everything so it isnt just any old overheating.
  13. so recently i recieved a "broken" asus x550z. the person who gave it to me simply said it didnt work. i thought that i would be able to fix it because i have fixed many other laptops before. so i took the x550z apart and looked at the motherboard... everything looked good to me and the hardware wasnt even that bad! it was using an amd a10 cpu (not sure which one) and 8 gb of ram. luckilly i had a charger that fit this model. so i charged it for a couple minutes and tryed turning it on and..............no post. the laptop turned on but the display didnt turn on at all and the fans just kept spinning faster and faster! i have tried reseting the cmos and i have tried a bunch of other basic things to try and fix this but i cant figure it out. im looking for some help. any ideas are much apreciated.