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  1. Xbox Controllers are always my favourite, I've got big hands, so I need the larger controller, also that thumbstick position is perfect for me.
  2. Awesome, really need a new phone! @Hadacus https://twitter.com/Hadacus
  3. Canada Computers, it's the only retail store that has anything useful in stock near me.
  4. Really? That ones my favourite!
  5. Hadacus

    Need some earbuds

    Thanks! I'll have a look at them
  6. Hadacus

    Need some earbuds

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of earbuds for around $70-$80 CAD. I'll be using them for some music, preferably with an even sound, anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I love how you cut holes for each individual wire, just looks so awesome.