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    Measuring global warming, studying polar Ice Caps.
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    If you saw me then you would know.
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    Being a Hobo and Vagrant


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    Ryzen 3600x Switched from 2700x
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    G. Skill 32gb Trident Z 3200
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    GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Modded with Case fan Noctua.
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    Fractal Design Meshify C White
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    EVGA P2 850 Watt
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    LG's, 1 Ultrawide, 1 4K
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    All you need Noctua Fans
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    Topre 108UH 45g, Variability in choice
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    Cheap Crap also known as CC
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    Modi&Magni(3) was about to upgrade to Bottlehead at one point., Seanheiser6xx,Beyer's 770(250), Wanting to get 800S :)
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I think something is broken, is there supposed to be a link or value? Well anyways those look relatively old arch.. I'm not sure you would benefit from getting those over any of the newer processors.
  2. If you can part out a SSD within your budget as a primary boot drive, I'm sure it would be much more beneficial to the applications you are doing, otherwise the rest of the components look pretty slick; you will see large improvements overall. No worries on the english sounds clear.
  3. I read something about it using DTS instead of Dolby 7.1 somewhere, might that be affecting the issue with quality?
  4. GPU price looks pretty good, though its not exactly at all power efficient so it might dissipate a lot of heat. Other specs look ok as well. Though i'm not sure what the model of the PSU is for $40 used would perform.
  5. I have gotten a seller that was from China once to ship out the card to the US by negotiation, relatively because he was new to the seller marketplace. But most certainly take precaution when it comes to "too good to be true" types of situations. More than likely from locations like China and populated areas or odd locations to ship out from places in EU there can be a reason as to why they would do that.
  6. As always Anthony has done a great job introducing the price segments, anyone on any strict budget should go for a card that will last. I am definitely one in for high performance used cards vs new under 300 USD here in the US, and the rx cards are pretty nice themselves.
  7. Its more than likely a GPU connection issue, I would first double check connections and plugs (inside and out). Do the GPU fans still spin when this occurs?
  8. Looks great! I'm sure the system will perform like a beast
  9. With a 280mm AIO I think you should be fine reaching the degree target.
  10. I expect that you overclocked your 2600 to 4GHz but the firestrike program reported 4924 MHz as your maximum turbo clock for an apparent reason. I think it may just be a bug or incorrect reporting. And no you will not be able to 4.9 without LN2 or a Subzero build with a high binned silicon chip.
  11. Does this only occur to Minecraft? or does it pertain in other games as well? I would observe the utilization and clocks on your GPU or CPU to see if those are causing any issues with drops.
  12. Your IO shield ports will not hold any signal given that the there is no integrated GPU in the CPU you are using assuming you are not using an APU. Both GTX 1050's will have only one HDMI port, if you want to obtain more than two then you will need an adapter for the other ports offered on the GPU (Given than the signal will only obtain the original one (DVI to HDMI will only be DVI)). I am not aware of any other way to utilize multiple adapters from one without simultaneously downgrading the signal strength (resolution or loss) atm.. As for why your GPU is not detecting the monitor, could there be a connection issue? a monitor to cable issue? GPU? if its kind of unspecified but its more if something is not working correctly just mess around with connections and see if there is anything that could be causing it.
  13. If you can get a new ssd for a good deal, a MX500 is a pretty big step up from your current 500gb 5400 rpm hard drive as far as I am concerned. Boot times, load times, active responsiveness and etc. The best part is that if you ever feel the need to upgrade your laptop or switch to a desktop in general, you can opt. to swap out the drive from the laptop with the ssd to the new system, while retaining the older laptop with the 5400 rpm drive. Reinstalling or installing the OS for both is quite can be frustrating if something occurs though. Follow best practices at best.
  14. Kpite

    SSD to FAT32

    This is a rather vague question. Follow this thread:
  15. You're running at 95 degrees Celsius under an overclocking load which is unsafe and very dangerous for the card. I'm not too sure how your card managed to hit those temps in the first place without It throttling down under gpu boost 3.0 or not completely crashing with artifacts, which means something was not running correctly, wrong readings or the fans shut off after something tripped. Though it would not be unexpected that there could have been damage to the GPUs fan controller from unsafe temps however. I would not recommend you try and turn on the GPU again without some type of case fan actively (100%) under idle load if the fans are 100% confirmed not working, working without active cooling can and probably will damage your GPU. And for next time... always be cautious about temps, meaning monitor before overclocking. It can get pretty scary when you find your PC running above the average threshold under stock load. If you have warranty just get it replaced. If you want to remove the cover (removing the EVGA illumination plate with it) remove all the TR6 screws after taking off heatsink from the GPUs PCB. This should seperate the cover from the fans and heatsink leaving it bareboned. Take your time. I personally can't help too much since I'm more less talk and more doing, but if you really need help, try and visit some local area computer shop or somebody of proficient level