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  1. Because when I installed linux on a second drive, even though I told GRUB not to be installed on my main boot drive (ie - Windows drive) it still did anyway. I can't get it off of there, and it's causing it to error out and say I only have like 6 gigs free when I should have like 60. Not easier to just reinstall everything. I've got my programs and everything running in a fine tuned fashion and I'm OCD about it. Windows is working fine. I just need my hard drive to report right. I suppose if I didn't use a lot of stuff over top of Windows, it might be different. But it's a lot of crap to set back up, tell all the websites and router firewall stuff to play nice with this new install, etc.
  2. Yeah, that's what I see there so far. If I wanna do registry and program folders, it's probably more pain than it's worth, right?
  3. Okay. I use programs like Stardock fences and iCue, etc.as well. Is there anyway to back things up that would keep those operating the way I have them that you know of?
  4. I need to know if I can re-install Windows without screwing up the spanned partition I made on my other drives. All the answers I can find seem unclear. My M.2 got GRUB put on it, even though I told it not to, and now it's reading only 6 or so GB free. It seems like when I've done this before, it messed up my spanned drive, but it may have been something else. I'm just trying to find out what options there are. I keep everything OFF of my C drive on purpose so I don't lose my data, lol. It would also be cool if there's a way I can reinstall Windows with as many settings and registry things in tact that I have, or even back up things like the user folder that would have program settings etc.
  5. Wow, I sorta dissapeared for a bit. Anyway, umm, mafia is a game where people are assigned roles anonymously and through day and night cycles (could be day = 1 week night = weekend per se) the townsfolk have to discuss accuse and find the mafia members. While during the night the mafia can take certain actions through a private thread. It's a lot of fun. But some of the popular places for it get toxic.
  6. Banned for only being a "B" FIRST
  7. So... Once upon a time, I used to play a whoooolllleeee lot of forum mafia. I've thought about going back to it, but the site I used has gotten complicated. I don't know if it's appropriate to suggest for sure, but we've got the banning game here, so I figure it's not too far out there. Anyone ever thought about starting a forum mafia thread here, though?
  8. Hey guys especially @Linus, I'm about to get a VPN for the first time. I really need one, and I've just been waiting til I can afford to commit. I was going to go with PIA, but now I'm less sure. If you thing it's safe enough to bear trying, that's great. Hell, I'd even be willing to go nice and slow through install and setup, and kind of try to dive into to it and let you know if anything seems fishy. But, if I shouldn't go PIA right now, where should I look?
  9. So, my fiance wants to get me the Rift S for Christmas. However I noticed it uses 2 DP ports. We don't have space for sensors, and I want to play my PC VR games, so the Go is a ... no go. My 1660 only has one DP connection and we don't have the budget to replace it. It seems like a hub uses daisy chaining which can run 4k @ 30 and 1440p @ 60. However, I'm pretty sure that won't work out for me. Can anyone offer me some advice? Or am I just forced to sacfrice one element or another?
  10. So, I actually, right or wrong, rely on Chrome to save a lot of my passwords and such. If I were to get something like PIA, how much of my usual comforts from cookies and such for quickly browsing through the nets would I sacrifice? Like, how often would I have to say, 2 step verify because of IP changes? I really want a VPN, but I'm not sure how much effort I want to put into it. I certainly don't want to have to verify Chrome every time I use it. Is there a trial period or something?
  11. Banned for recognizing the mistake and still failing to ban me.
  12. Banned for not bringing me a shrubbery. Nee.
  13. Awesome. I hope you keep having good luck with it. I'm looking for a better thermal solution for my tower right now. I wanna see if I can push my 1660 a bit more, but probably not.
  14. Not to my knowledge. The charge was for Uno apparently, which I have purchased, and have not charged back With my memory issues I couldn't tell you for certain. I've had several concussions in life and I'm mentally disabled from them, among various other things. However, I would guess that I did contact Ubisoft and then the bank or card (again mine or my grandma's, can't be sure.) I guess maybe I could see this mentality, but I had fraudulent charges on both Steam and Battle.net before and neither of those companies have since told that I can't purchase something. And both of those were significantly more than ten bucks. I know it's such a weird topic on here, and weird to be asking advice. But, I would really love to find a way to solve this within my means, because there are games I enjoy and want to play with a clear conscience. Not to mention, I want to order Uplay+ which is recurring income for Ubisoft, which is way better than ten bucks for them.
  15. Well, I mean, I saw a charge that I didn't make on a bank statement (possibly grandma's credit card statement, she let me use it at the time, as I'm disabled and have no income). I called the bank (or card company on her behalf) and said hey, I didn't make this purchase. They would have then said to let them look into it and see if they believe me. They then a few days later contacted me and said they believe me and did a chargeback. I mean, I can't really give specifics on this specific charge, because I clearly don't remember it or I'd know what it went through. However, I do know from experience that that's how chargebacks for unauthorized (i.e. fraudulently made) charges work. No other company ever has told me I can't buy from them because I reported a fraudulent charge. Granted, that's only happened 3 other times. Twice was when my card was stolen before I got it reported, so I remember those for sure.
  16. I guess the point of this thread is two-fold. 1: Because I think people deserve the information about a company that could do the same to them and I felt that posting it this way was better. 2: Because I genuinely hope someone has advice that will help me get through this situation so that I can indeed spend the money I'd like to spend on the games I'd like to have. Which dalekphalm has given, except that in my very specific situation I can't implement that advice.
  17. I don't remember if it was my bank, or my grandma's. I think it was my grandma's. She's 94 and unwilling to talk to the bank about it. I have no idea why this is the first time they've said that when I've bought a few things in the past year. I would create a fake account like you say, but privacy is not my concern. My concerns are actually grounded in law, which I'd rather not explain. Suffice to say, I truly can not do social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  18. For what it's worth, I'm not saying any of your thoughts are incorrect under normal circumstances, just that things are complicated with me and the specifics of this.
  19. I'm no longer with that bank. Nor can I contact them, because I'm not sure who I was with at the time. The charge was for a game I do own, that I have purchased, more recently than that. For various reasons, I actually don't use social media.
  20. Not to mention, at that point, re-buy all my games ... from a company that's asking me to be a victim of fraud.
  21. And support a company that is asking me to be a victim of fraud?
  22. So, Ubisoft won't let me buy anything. Apparently, it's because over a year ago, I reported fraud to my bank at the time for a $10 US charge. Ubi is saying that unless I reverse that chargeback (which I can't, I don't bank there) thereby making myself a victim of fraud, I can not buy anything from them. Does anyone have any advice in this situation? Or, has anyone found themselves in a similar position?
  23. I missed that part of it. I should be asleep right now, but when I'm awake enough I will.
  24. @Corsair Nick Have you learned anything by chance?
  25. Banned for violating the rules of the department of redundancy department.