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  1. I will try it on another board
  2. I did it but with the cpu in first the beeps continues, when I remove the cpu it don't work
  3. I tried without the drive, I can't boot the 3 beeps error continues...
  4. Hello I have a weird problem with my computer, So am was playing a game then the screen freezed and the computer crashed, I restarted then the boot stopped to show a windows error reading a file or a file missing, then turned the computer off and tried to notice any problems with the hardware and nothing seem wrong I removed the Bios battery and put it back again but I think in the wrong directions, I turned on the pc and it started to beep 3 times (ram error) but I don't think that it's a ram problem because I tried a working piece of ram and the same problem continues, then I restarted again and I smilt plastic burning, turned every thing off and here I go no post, 3 beeps but every thing look working.