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  1. ok i will. also sorry for bothering you again, but just to be 100% sure: im gonna buy this SSD https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/2000GB-SanDisk-Ultra-3D-2-5Zoll--6-4cm--SATA-6Gb-s-3D-NAND-TLC--SDSSDH3_1198673.html and when windows asks me, i must choose MBR, since this is still just 2TB. correct?
  2. ok thanks. i also just realized my windows drive ( samsung 970 evo plus nvme ) is GPT. is that bad? should i reformat it to MBR?
  3. its for internal storage. so its gonna be used pretty much everyday. its where i put movies, music, random stuff that i use every day, downloads etc. but the sandisk link i provided says its TLC though? btw another question: when i install a new drive, windows wants me to format it. it wants me to choose between MBR and GPT. which is better for SSD?
  4. ah ok. yeah im gonna google some benchmarks tomorrow. but like i said, its just for storage. not for gaming or OS or constantly swapping files. so its probably fine even if its a couple mb/s slower than crucial / samsung. as long as its reliable and quiet, im happy wih it
  5. ah ok, thats good to know. probably gonna buy that one then. but yeah, samsung version with literally the same stats is almost 100 euro more expensive, crucial is 30~ euro more expensive. so that made me a little worried lol. like, how can they undercut the price so much, if they are basically equal?
  6. why? whats wrong with it? just asking out of curiosity. also...i just realized the cheapest 4TB ssd is 600 euro lol. yeah... thats gonna be out of question lol. this would be more affordable https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/2000GB-SanDisk-Ultra-3D-2-5Zoll--6-4cm--SATA-6Gb-s-3D-NAND-TLC--SDSSDH3_1198673.html ( link is in german but the name / stats should give you the idea.) the samsung version is almost 100 euro more expensive. and this is what worries. how much worse is this brand if its cheaper by THAT MUCH? is SanDisk legit? or known to produce bad stuff?
  7. hi im looking for an SSD to archive stuff. movies, music, large files, game setups etc. but NOT gaming itself. i have already an 860 evo for that. i just need a storage SSD. i currently have a 1TB HDD. but since upgrading my PC and almost every cooler/fan, its so quiet that my HDD is actually becoming really annoying. because now i can actually hear it lol. its humming and also slightly vibrating my case. frankly its annoying. and no, external HDD is not an option. i already have multiple of them. i need quick access. like when watching a movie or listening to music etc. i dont wanna connect my external drives everytime for just that. now, i was thinking about getting another samsung 860 evo. but im simply not sure if the 'samsung quality' is too good for simple storage? maybe a cheaper, slightly slower one is better? although it would be nice, since all my other internal drives are samsung too, so its compatible with samsung magican or whatever its called. im also not sure about size. i would like 4TB or something, but 1TB alone is 100+ euro in my country. and that already is quite expensive for me. so, any recommendations? TL;DR need SSD for storage only. NO OS OR GAMING. just pure storage for tons of random stuff.
  8. hey all. the stock fans in my case are starting to make annoying noises. so i need new ones. im buying a new CPU cooler, 2x 200mm front fans and 1 ( or 2? ) 140mm exhaust fan. since i have a white case, i need white fans ( if possible ). so no noctua or be quiet im afraid. atleast for CPU or intake. for exhaust i could probably get a away with a black be quiet fan. anyway, here is my case/cpu/mobo, and the cooler/ fans im planning to buy: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC R7 Ryzen 3700x Case: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/mid-tower/mastercase-h500p-mesh-white/ CPU Cooler: https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Alpenfoehn-EKL-Brocken-3-White-Edition-CPU-Kuehler-2x140mm_1274281.html 2x Front: https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/BitFenix-Spectre-Pro-RGB-Luefter-200mm_1217518.html i just wanna know if these would fit / work in my case. im pretty sure they should, but im just gonna ask to be sure. the links are in german but basically, the CPU cooler has 2x 140mm fans and a 230w TDP. and now my second question: the exhaust fan(s). can i get away with 1 fan? or should i also buy one for the top? also, would it be possible to remove one of the 140mm fans from the cooler, and use that one as exhaust? if not, im thinking about buying be quiet silent wings 3 , or highspeed version. normal silent wings = 1000 rpm max, high speed verison = 1600 rpm max. i know its black but i might make an exception for the exhaust fans. i want QUIET good fans. i want to run them at 100% speed. the CPU fans also only run at 1000 rpm max, so a silent wings 3 fan might be a perfect fit. but again, im thinking about using one of the CPU fans as an exhaust fan. but then i dont have anyhting for top exhaust. but im not even sure if i need top exhaust. so what do you guys think?