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  1. Ich vermiss die Zeiten, in denen die Leute noch ins Klo gedrückt worden sind, die so gesprochen haben....
  2. did u change any settings before the audio driver crashed like u explained? maybe try to start windows in safe mode and make a complete audio driver wipe with Display Driver Uninstaller or short -> DDU... don't get irritated by the programs name.. it works also for audio driver or anything else!
  3. so does the keyboard working if u put your HDD back in? also try some different USB Ports.. also look in the UEFI/BIOS for the USB settings. if this doesn't work for you either, try to clear the CMOS
  4. thanks dude, could u also tell me why?
  5. Hey Guys, so i was wondering if there is a possibility to flash the Op-Amps (for example the New Japan Radio NJM2114D) which are build in the ZxR to another Op-Amp (maybe the Burr-Brown OPA2132) with an EEPROM Flash kit? I got a EEPROM flashing kit, but i don't want to crash my card. Just wanna know if there are any possibilities? sincerely gramo
  6. first off all you'll have to shut down the program using task manager.. maybe you can delete it via the program menu?
  7. you could also try to boot in safe mode, and then uninstall the program or try to delete the folders which contain the program.. watch out for the folder which aren't proberly shown right away.. might need to enable this option in your windows settings
  8. well, maybe watchout for some used gpu's? most of them work great and you can save some bucks..