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  1. https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/149611/how-can-i-keep-screen-on-only-while-music-is-playing There are android apps that can keep the screen on for you when certain app is active. Wish there were some for Apple.
  2. YouTube Music player stays on whether plugged in or playing ... as long as app is in foreground. YouTube app stays on (makes sense cause who would want their video dimming every 30s). I just found out Apple Music dims like Spotify however. So, damn.
  3. You are correct. I just tested Apple Music player and it does it too ...go figure ... this must be a recent change. The standalone YouTube Music player keeps phone screen on while the app is in the foreground - plugged into power or not, playing music or not. It must have it's own timer and ignores the OS level one. Putting aside any car related arguments, I suppose for some apps ... like those playing video, people would be rightly pissed off if it tried to go to sleep every x mins.
  4. Settings > Car > Car view https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/16/18185644/spotify-car-view-now-testing-android-simple-controls
  5. Ok, so your usage patterns just means you are not the demographic of people for whom this issue is relevant. That doesn't invalidate any of those people's concerns.
  6. This is EXACTLY the issue!! EDIT: Or more correctly, that is the issue that started all this to begin with.
  7. Spotify's driving mode disagrees with you, but I digress. At any rate, no one is advocating touching the phone. I have no need to touch the phone. The issue is whether it is safer or more dangerous for the phone's screen to turn off. People in the Spotify community vote it is more dangerous. That's the issue. All that other guff you harp on about is irrelevant.
  8. LOL ... irrelevant. Yeah, ok. Clearly you missed the entire point of this topic. That makes zero sense ... something cannot be more dangerous than something else cause both are dangerous??? Please...
  9. To all of you who argue that the Spotify is doing this to make driving safer ... explain why they have a driving mode showing you big buttons that make fiddling with your phone easier.
  10. Thank you for summarising your position on this topic. It will be interesting to see how many on this forum agree with your sentiment. Feel free to have the final word on this, I will refrain from replying to your post.
  11. In this case wouldn't it be better if the phone was completely inoperable while it is in motion - as opposed to now, where you can still unlock it except it requires you to stare at it or touch the fingerprint sensor? I assume you agree with that. And if you do, you must agree that until the 'inoperable functionality' is implemented it is safer to have the phone not go to sleep at all.
  12. Eloquently put. Seeing how passionate you are about this, why would you not support anything that would lower this risk?
  13. Actually it isn't no matter how much you want it to be. The issue is about a software company making change to their app that increases the risk of injury from it ... it is a comparison between what was there before and what is there after the change. The manner in which the app is used is irrelevant. If the change requires that there are more steps in using the app and more frequently, then ergo, it requires your attention more frequently. Driving, or any other activity that requires your attention is made safer by reducing this frequency. Whether you are stupid enough to use it while driving is a different matter altogether. Some people will do it. Yes, they are stupid. But those stupid irresponsible people, when they crash may do so into one of us who are not stupid and irresponsible. Anything that reduces their distraction is a benefit to the rest of us. Spotify's change has made this risky for everyone ... regardless of which side of the 'phone use while driving' debate you are on.
  14. Car manufacturers are adding controls onto the steering wheel or in easy reach. Why - to remove the need to take hand off steering wheel. aka safety/convenience Do we 'need' it? Not really. Do we like it. Obviously. Car manufacturers are adding colourful displays in line of sight (HUD) or just off to side (middle console). Displays that show maps, temperature, music information, phone information (during calls) etc. I can legally use the button on streering wheel to scroll through music track names, or contacts to phone cause they are projected off my windscreen. Why - to keep the person informed, to give them a way to do things safely that they would otherwise do anyway. Do we 'need' it? Not really. Do we like it. Obviously. Nothing is stopping us from playing with the radio, or looking at a street map sitting on passenger seat (remember those days?). And yet, these new features are there so we dont have to do that and to make things easier, safer and to sell more cars. No one is arguing about removing them because they are better. They make things easier. Spotify made a decision that goes against this. All these arguments about not using phone while driving are correct, obvious and common sense.. and NOT the issue at hand. The issue is bigger than that. Yes there is a statement for personal responsibility, yet we put guards on machinery, handrails on stairs, walkways and balconies etc. We do these things to prevent injury. So, your arguments are moot and go against everything that society is trying to implement. And if you still argue that Spotify are in the right, then we might as well remove all these other safety things as well ... cause people should know not to put their hand in an industrial machine and not to walk off a balcony etc.