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  1. I cleared CMOS and the same thing is happening. Fan ramps, fan stops. Over and over again
  2. Ummm... You replied to my other thread where I asked for help building the system. I created another topic because I figured people who knew more about troubleshooting would be looking at troubleshooting topics. Thanks for the help @Whiro Its an i7-3770, EVGA 80+ Bronze 500w, 1 x 8gb stick of 1600mhz ddr3 and a motherboard from and HP prebuilt.
  3. Ok, I was building a pc with all used parts except for the case and power supply Some Rosewill case EVGA 80+ Bronze 500w and I was almost done with the pc in the case and all there was left to do was to plug in the case front panel and do some cable-managing. I tested the pc and sure enough it booted and worked FINE in windows. Today I woke up, turned the thing on and all I got was a short burst of fans spinning and then nothing. The fans spin, stop, spin, stop after being turned off. I think it's a power issue, but the power supply is new so... Please help. I don't want to pay some dude an excess amount of money to fix something simple I could do myself. Thanks
  4. Help, help, help, help. I have a basic Rosewill case and the machine is inside. I just need to do some cable-managing and connect the front panel stuff. The machine boots inside the case so I didn't break anything. That was yesterday, today I went to turn on the pc and it didn't boot. Just a few fans spinning and then stopping. I checked some immediate things like 24 pin connector, cpu connecter and anything to do with the power supply. Please help.
  5. I've looked into those alternatives and I personally really like deepin, but there are other unix distros. I wonder if there are any that might compare? What about solaris? Is it worth looking into?
  6. The machine has an i7-3770, 16gb of duel-channel 1600mhz ram, an R9 290, a 120gb Samsung 850 Evo and a 500gb 7200rpm WD drive.
  7. Hello LTT forum, I recently built a budget pc on used parts. I didnt mean to, but in the process the components I happened to pick (Specifically the gpu) are in some older iMacs. I got a MacBook a few monthes ago and I've grown to love the interface of MacOS, so I really wanted to make it a duelboot machine. All the tutorials on how to make a bootable ISO from the macos installer havent worked for me. I don't have any experience with the software side of things so I was hoping someone on here would help me out.
  8. Windows 10 Pro is installed and additional drives are being formatted. Only a gpu and case to go. *the mobo has two memory slots so it will be 16gb in duel channel instead of quad.
  9. I just got back from the store and he gave me $15 in in-store credit for the Dell board. He took the Lenovo cooler and gave me a stock one that would mount. In the end, he gave me a HP board that had standard everything. It has a Q61 chipset I think and has an updated bios. Also, the bios has an automatic activation of Windows 10 Pro, so that is wonderful. All I need is a case and graphics card.
  10. I think I'm just going to get the new board. If I need a few of these cables It's going to cost more than if I go to the local computer store and a standard motherboard. I talked to the owner and he said he would give me the board for $40 and up to $20 in in store credit for the dell board to shave off some of the cost.
  11. Thanks, but what about usb and power-buttons? The power on switch connects with a 6 pin layout using 5 pins: o is a pin. I don't want to take a picture so here: |---------| | o o o | | o o | |---------|