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  1. It’s probably because of some settings in Minecraft you have to change. Also why are you trying to overclock playing Minecraft?
  2. Can u crack a bone with a raw egg out of a pressure pipe cannon?
  3. Do u have any software recommendations that’s budget friendly?
  4. So me and my friend are arguing if an egg can crack a skull, and if so, how fast does it need to be. So I’m looking for a free or demo physics simulation software to prove her wrong but prob gonna end up proving myself wrong
  5. (Asking for a friend) he have 5 2tb 7500rpm hard drives and think about running is raid 5. Right now he is just running them normally and separately. Is there any disadvantage to raid 5?
  6. i was thinking bout a second hand blackmagic pocket 1 is that a good choice?
  7. so i just started to film my dance videos stuff and start posting it on youtube. im recording with a samsung s10 right now and its fine but i'm remaking my studio and i switched a lot of lighting stuff so its messing with the and also just want higher quality content in general. i am going to keep an uncompressed backup.
  8. Why was the thread active for so long
  9. When I search it up it said it may be closed lol
  10. Is B&H open on labor day?
  11. Okie thanks~ can u tell me the equation?
  12. I found my perfect sensitivity on cs go and I want to use the same one on overwatch. What the equvolent of 5 on cs go in overwatch?