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  1. as far as my home situation. i got 600 mb up and 600 mb down. (wich at night sometimes spikes to a crispy 900 upload) system is connected to router to gigabit (aswel as my home build nas) i might toss in a second pcie nic card into it for some other stuff later down the road i got esxi 5.5 running on a dell poweredge 1950 ii (yes i know weak AF) for testing with software and stuff and wil try to deploy it onto the hp z600 (wich wil hopefully be esxi 6.5 or 6.7) more or less the reason for this is i ended up dualbooting my laptop with windows for the 4 games i wanna play every so often but once you start logging into windows for the game and are done with the game you wil be to lazy to switch back to the other os (wich i dont like. i got a small vm on mac os to run battlefield 2 on and when done just quit and continue in mac os)
  2. so i had this idea itching for a while the thing linus did with # gamers 1 cpu. but headless. i got a hp z600 work station here with dual x5675 cpu's gtx 1060 6 gb and 36 gb of ram. currently running mac os as a main os my idea is to install esxi (or some else software thats free for private use stuffs) have 2 or 3 vm's on it and use my laptop (running both mac os and windows) to remote into it and play games and possibly use the 2nd vm to capture or stream video (i got spare gpu's here to toss into it) basically the same what linus did but headless tucked away in the server closet (i got a hdmi to vga plug here that makes all my devices trick into seeing a fake display so i can plug that into the gpu) basically my main obstacle is finding out what software i would use for the connecting to a vm. in my experience steam in home streaming is not all that good. i've seen the software called parsec and wil look into its performance soon but i'd also throw my shots here for informations. a TLDR i wanna use my rig running esxi like ps4 game share for local use and replace the setup with a laptop only setup. thank you in advance