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  1. the driver cuts in and out and becomes fuzzy and when i hit it with my hand it works but it keeps cutting in and out
  2. Yea I know I was thinking about upgrading earlier and this just seemed like a good time I will still get a new set for when I am going to lan party and things of that nature
  3. First of all thank you for taking time to help me out.Let me explain my situation I have a set of logitech g933 and they where what i got when i asked for headphones for my desktop and now two years later they are broken so now i am getting a new pair and i want to upgrade. I play both first person shooters but also games like doom and skyrim and also listen to music and watch movies so I am looking for something to fulfill those purposes also I sometimes take my PC away from my my house and my desk microphone so something I could add a microphone to for a decent price would be nice and I have a budget of about 200 to 250 but I would like to keep it closer to the 200 mark and I need everything so amp dock and headphones also I would like closed back headphones due to the fact that I game at night. Also over the ear sence I where glasses. Thanks for your time and helping me out.