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  1. It wasnt my fault. Dont facepalm me. It physically did not fit at first. So there was no way of knowing it was in all the way or not
  2. Fixed! The problem was that my DisplayPort cable wasn't in all the way. If it is in all the way you should see NO metal part.
  3. Yes it actually does boot up outside the case on the cardboard motherboard box, But not inside the case
  4. I am letting a friend of my mom take a look, I will post the fix here if he finds it. He's a expert with hardware
  5. Thanks for your response! i have always tried installing the gpu when its laying down because i figured it was easier to do laying down. So unfortunately that does not work. + i sadly only have 1 PCI-E x16 slot for my gpu because it is a micro itx board
  6. Cable looks great, thanks for thinking with me, but this unfortunately wasn’t the problem. I still need a fix.
  7. Yes well it could be, But where?? Because like nothing is touching or anything. Exept for the stand-offs.. and those should...
  8. I actually need to plug my diplay port into my videocard because A. my motherboard doesnt have that slot B. My CPU 1600x does not have intergrated graphics. So yes i do plug my monitor cable into my gpu like everyone should right? I know you are trying to help i appreciate it
  9. * All the LED's are on, The fans are spinning! So its not ''powering on'' thats the issue. Its really the booting and getiing the signal to see anything