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  1. Before I start zombiefying my case too much, I'd love to hear others' opinion, kind of concept-proofing my idea. First off, let's start with the problem: - I use a Gigabyte GA-Z370P-D3 in this case, - I have a GTX 1070 and a GTX 750 Ti mounted on the PCIEx16 and the PCIEx4_1 - I newly obtained a P106-100 and as it is also a double slot card, it collides with the PSU, if I want to place it into the PCIEx4_2 The solution I have in mind: As the M/B is a mATX board and therefore a bit narrower than ATX design, I have the 3 mainboard standoffs most to the drive cages free. Using PCIEx16-extenders (2 cables, total length 80cm / 32in) to get from the port, along the PSU, bent behind the board, up to about the middle, bent back down to get in the right angle for mounting again and then placing it on a plastic hood lifted on 2 something like 40mm / 1.6in standoffs . Things I already took into consideration: - Pulling out the GTX 750 Ti would be possible, but preferred to not to. The system is used for photography and 3D, so for smaller projects not requiring more than the 2GB VRAM of it will profit from the card remaining in the system. - Airflow in the case might become an issue, but I'm willing to risk it. - Power supply for the system is all fine. - Buying a bigger case is not a solution, place limitations and personal liking of the case. So feel free to give your opinion, or even better solutions, I'm open for it. Thanks in advance. Sidney