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    mkdabra got a reaction from Energycore in Considering laptop upgrade, what do you think?   
    I have been reading that it should be easy to clone and swap if the drive comes with a sata-to-usb cable (I don't know if the MX500 includes it). Also that I could log into a Microsoft account and have my system checked so reinstalls wouldn't require a key (I upgraded W7 so I don't know if that key would activate a clean W10 installation), then again I don't know either if Microsoft would consider it the same machine after I swap the drive. Anyway, I don't mind the work, I'd get it running eventually.

    Here you have a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo for both my laptop (a composite 'cause it would fit in the screen) and my desktop. I've used it for a while on my desktop but didn't think of running it on the laptop 'cause I'm dumb like that.

    The desktop has been sitting at Current Pending Sector Count 1 for a while now, it hasn't given me any problems so I'm optimistic. I was told it could be a sign of prompt death or it could fix itself nex time it goes over that sector, but that if it starts ramping up then it's clearly marked for death.

    Soooooo the 104 count on the laptop (sorry, didn't remember to switch it off hexadecimal) doesn't look so good. Which is... great? 'Cause if the drive is so far gone all the more reason to think it will improve miles with a new straight-up better drive.
    As for the laptops I actually saw those and wrote in the original post about MSI laptops at 1100€ but then I saw the panels where TN and scrapped that. Which is a pitty 'cause a Nitro 5 with those same specs and a 144hz IPS display ramp up to 1600€ in the official store (with a 200€ discount hopefully not already applied, so that would be 1400€?), quite a bit more money.

    The SSD seems like a no-brainer 'cause as Kpite said I could eventually take it out of the laptop when I'm done with it and put it in the next computer, so I lose nothing by going that route. With that and Stadia and GeForce NOW on the horizon I could see myself going without a gaming rig for a while. I still don't know how to work around the screen though. I could open a new thread about that but I don't know if I should do it in the Displays section or the Phones and Tablets one ?.  I've been checking the Asus portable monitors but those are pretty weird, and work with DisplayPort over USB C or to a lesser extent A, and I don't think this laptop is compatible with that. Every other portable monitor I've seen it's an off-brand solution that would render dubious results. Anyway it should connect through HDMI. I wouldn't use it on the go, just want to be able to pack it on my backpack with the laptop and not move with an extra huge box, so it's perfectly fine (even preferable) for it to be plugged to the wall for power, in a true desktop-replacement fashion. So it's between that: bigger, more expensive screen tethered to the wall and the laptop resting on a desk and can be used regularly as a second monitor, or smaller cheaper screen that runs on it's own and I can take to bed and would only be used to watch video and read comics. I guess I'll keep using the phone until I find the ideal candidates on either side and make a choice.

    Thanks for the replies!