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  1. ... damn. I don't know why either, it was slow sometimes for me, and for my sister in a different PC. Thing is, it loads instantly through FTP, so it must have something to do with MTP or how Windows does things by default and how that intersects with MTP's limitations. I did suggest taking the SD out but she didn't have a microsd adapter, and probably didn't have a card reader either, so back to square one. But sometimes you just need to tinker with files on the internal memory, so it would be interesting to fix that MTP problem rather than circumvent it.
  2. That's fine and good... if you want the files on a USB stick. If you want them on your pc then you'll have to copy them again, which is redundant and slows the whole process. If you want to use an external hard drive, sometimes it won't work through OTG. How about no. In what universe would be sending your entire library to Zucc's servers, having them compressed in the process and being limited by the speed of your connection better than using ShareMe? I appreciate the intention but I'm asking on the Windows subforum about how to connect Android phones to Windows, directly if at all possible; how to improve responsiveness when you connect your phone to PC via usb cable. I don't want workarounds, I want exactly this.
  3. I've always connected my phone by cable and selected the "transfer files" option, but today my sister called me complaining about it: she had been over an hour trying to transfer pictures to her PC but when she got into the pictures folder the thing would just be stuck loading for ages and report a different number of files every time. I've seen this behaviour before, so I wanted to know... what gives? I figure Windows tries to load every picture to make thumbnails or something and the emmc or the sd on the phone just can't keep up, or maybe it's something about not reading a storage unit but instead communicating with another device... but I don't really know. We have Xiaomi/Redmi phones so I told her to fire up ShareMe instead, use the "connect to PC" option (ftp over LAN). The weird thing is, this way the navigation is instantaneous, but the transfer speed is way slower than over cable. So... how can I make it to get the responsiveness and reliability of the FTP approach over cable for higher speeds?
  4. I went with the MX500 1TB. Barely installed Windows and general utilities (a Ninite pack and a handful of programs) but so far so good. As I'm not pressed to buy one it's less about how much performance can I get in a given budget and more about how cheap could a laptop that covers my expectations be. And that would be more or less what I wrote before: a laptop with a decent IPS 1080p display with high refresh rate, a decent CPU, a 1660ti, 16GB RAM, and a quality SSD never smaller than 500GB. Nothing out of the extraordinary either, but a good, capable machine. When I see one cheap enough for the performance gain to warrant the expense I'll go for it. Meanwhile when out of town I'll work on the revamped 6.5 years old laptop, watch shows on my phone and play indie titles or wait for Stadia and GeForce Now. The sad thing is that while at home I'll still be on the desktop, to which I could give a second life (an even better one) adding a decent GPU on top of the SSD make-over treatment of the laptop, but it would be a pity to make the investment just to let it gather dust in the near future, or be outclassed and rendered redundant when I finally go for a new laptop.
  5. I'd like to have a new one so I can play games on it and have a better display, but as that cost a pretty penny I'll take the cheapest solution that provides a good user experience.
  6. Kinda got excited reading the BX500 is cheap like the A400 and better, but hahagha not in amazon.es I guess ?
  7. Oh, for some reason I thought it was Kingston who bought SanDisk, coupled them together in the post because of that.
  8. I'd like to know if space in SSDs follow the same marketing fraud as HDDs and pendrives where they translate units at 1000 instead of 1024 and you end up with 930GB of storage in a "1TB" drive. Like, how much storage is there in a cheap 480GB Kingston/SanDisk? Or in the 500GB and 1TB versions of WD Blue, Crucial MX500 or Samsung 860 EVO? Just to make calculations around my need so I don't exceed say 70% of the drive and all that. Mainly I'm choosing between the 500GB (67€) or the 1TB (111€) MX500, 'cause the Samsungs are a bit more expensive (at 77€ and 140€ respectively). About the Kingston, asking for a friend. Also, how good are the WD Blues? From what I've gathered they seem to way ahead the Kingston but still a bit behind Crucial speed-wise, but how are quality-wise?
  9. I have been reading that it should be easy to clone and swap if the drive comes with a sata-to-usb cable (I don't know if the MX500 includes it). Also that I could log into a Microsoft account and have my system checked so reinstalls wouldn't require a key (I upgraded W7 so I don't know if that key would activate a clean W10 installation), then again I don't know either if Microsoft would consider it the same machine after I swap the drive. Anyway, I don't mind the work, I'd get it running eventually. Here you have a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo for both my laptop (a composite 'cause it would fit in the screen) and my desktop. I've used it for a while on my desktop but didn't think of running it on the laptop 'cause I'm dumb like that. The desktop has been sitting at Current Pending Sector Count 1 for a while now, it hasn't given me any problems so I'm optimistic. I was told it could be a sign of prompt death or it could fix itself nex time it goes over that sector, but that if it starts ramping up then it's clearly marked for death. Soooooo the 104 count on the laptop (sorry, didn't remember to switch it off hexadecimal) doesn't look so good. Which is... great? 'Cause if the drive is so far gone all the more reason to think it will improve miles with a new straight-up better drive. As for the laptops I actually saw those and wrote in the original post about MSI laptops at 1100€ but then I saw the panels where TN and scrapped that. Which is a pitty 'cause a Nitro 5 with those same specs and a 144hz IPS display ramp up to 1600€ in the official store (with a 200€ discount hopefully not already applied, so that would be 1400€?), quite a bit more money. The SSD seems like a no-brainer 'cause as Kpite said I could eventually take it out of the laptop when I'm done with it and put it in the next computer, so I lose nothing by going that route. With that and Stadia and GeForce NOW on the horizon I could see myself going without a gaming rig for a while. I still don't know how to work around the screen though. I could open a new thread about that but I don't know if I should do it in the Displays section or the Phones and Tablets one ?. I've been checking the Asus portable monitors but those are pretty weird, and work with DisplayPort over USB C or to a lesser extent A, and I don't think this laptop is compatible with that. Every other portable monitor I've seen it's an off-brand solution that would render dubious results. Anyway it should connect through HDMI. I wouldn't use it on the go, just want to be able to pack it on my backpack with the laptop and not move with an extra huge box, so it's perfectly fine (even preferable) for it to be plugged to the wall for power, in a true desktop-replacement fashion. So it's between that: bigger, more expensive screen tethered to the wall and the laptop resting on a desk and can be used regularly as a second monitor, or smaller cheaper screen that runs on it's own and I can take to bed and would only be used to watch video and read comics. I guess I'll keep using the phone until I find the ideal candidates on either side and make a choice. Thanks for the replies!
  10. Long story short: My Toshiba Satellite L850-150 is really slow and I'm considering replacing the 5400rpm HDD on it with a half decent SSD. Please tell me if that should do the trick with productivity in mind considering the rest of its parts. I also considered replacing the display for a 1080p IPS one for media consumption, but seems like the cable to the motherboard doesn't support it to begin with it's not very likely that either it's possible to do it or that I could pull it off, so if you have any ideas I'm all ears. Maybe a portable monitor or a tablet would be an easy solution for that, but those can get pretty expensive if you want a good one, and seems to be a lot of bad ones out there. Long story long: Living (and thus, shop) in Spain. I can't get them sweet american deals, so I shop tech mainly from pccomponentes and amazon.es. My daily driver is a desktop... (info only relevant as to understand the baseline I build my expectations around) When I'm not home I use my laptop, a Toshiba L850-150 that I got around December 2012, with: i7 3610QM, AMD HD 7670 1GB, 8GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM, 500gb 5400rpm HDD, and a 1366x768 standard issue TN panel of the time. And oh boy, does it get excruciatingly slow. For some reason it routinely sits on 100% drive usage on idle and gets pretty unresponsive for a long while after boot, I've followed every blog post I've got my hands on trying to solve it but nothing worked. For general browsing and working it's a bit sluggish at times but I make do. As for gaming, I played some solo games and GW2 way back when on it, but now when I tried playing Overwatch on it I had to turn everything to the absolute lowest, except FoV but including 50% render scale which makes everything look like garbage, to play with 30fps at 1366x768 and still getting the occasional crash. I got the laptop 'cause I went to study abroad for a semester, needed a computer and taking the desktop with me wasn't feasible. Haven't gotten much use out of it since until recently. Now I have to get away from home and move around for work. Aside from casual browsing, I use the computer for work (which consist on browsing + microsoft office), media consumption (netflix, youtube and local files) and the occasional game. The laptop does just ok for the work part, and it's terrible for media and gaming. To improve system speed and responsiveness I thought I'd replace the 500GB 5400rpm HDD with a 1TB SATA 2.5" SSD, maybe a Crucial MX500 for little more than 100€. Even though I assume the processor won't perform impressively today despite the shiny i7 label, and the 8GB of RAM are not amazing either, for productivity purposes I don't see how I'd need need a huge CPU or more than 8 gigs of ram. On the other hand, the fact that it's DDR3 memory at 1600mhz could actually be contributing to the problem, so I don't know how much of it could be fixed by the drive swap. As for media consumption, I don't mind that much the color of it, but the viewing angles of the panel are absolutely terrible, and it's not even FullHD. So far I've watched shows and movies on my phone (a cheap Redmi Note 7, but still packing 1080x2340 IPS goodness, so a much better experience). I considered just getting a regular monitor, but moving that around would be too much of a hassle, that's the reason I'm forced to use a laptop in the first place. Replacing the display would be ideal but it doesn't look like the display cable to the motherboard is compatible with a higher resolution, and even if it could be replaced or modified I don't think I'm the man for the job, and if I did it there's no guarantee the thing would work. A portable monitor would be the next best thing, but I didn't know those existed until like 10 minutes ago so I don't know how that could work. So it's either that, a halfway decent cheap 10" 1080p IPS tablet -say a Huawei MediaPad T5 for 135€ (2/16) or 160€ (3/32)-, or a decent new laptop with a 1080p IPS panel which could cost considerably more than the SSD and the tablet (or even a portable monitor) combined. Gaming would need an entirely new laptop altogether. Get the 1080p IPS from before and make it at least 120hz, give it 16GB of DDR4 (DDR4, OMG, is this the future?) RAM just to be safe, and a 1660ti 'cause there's no way in hell I'm either getting last gen graphics now or paying for an RTX. I've done some e-window shopping to see how much that would go for and the lowest I've seen is around 1400€. If I can get productivity and media consumption sorted out for about 250~300€ I guess I could sacrifice gaming for now, but if not might as well get the whole package. So what do you think? Hey, don't look at me like that, I said it was a long story.