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  1. For live events we use 3 cameras (Blackmagic Studio Cameras) and we'll sometimes wire in a forth for plays or graduation. I'm currently looking to replace my studio/event cameras next year with Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Cameras. Small camcorders and their zooms just don't cut it for football or graduation. Also whatever I get goes right back into the studio the next school day for our daily show.
  2. Made another pass with using this as the mount for my TVs. I made the outline for the TVs - - - so I could measure things out. The TVs for this are 32" models. For this I think the keyboard and switcher are too low for the TD. Some problems... Well the rack doesn't come in that size so I would have to buy smaller one and secure that to the top (sketchy). If I can find a mount that allows me to do side by side I would be all set. I'm going to work more on this on Monday. Just glad to finally talk to other people about this as most people at work just have their eyes glaze over.
  3. I cannot buy second hand items. Comes with working at a school. I've been look for anything looks like that first image, but I just couldn't through my normal buying sites. What did you google to find it?
  4. The TriCaster is the box with TC on it in the center. I do have a switcher, basically the one you linked, but I also have a midi board for macros which will live on top of the center cart. The center TVs are for the Producer who will be standing behind the TD, technical director, who operates the switcher. The bottom TV is a tech screen that allows the TD to adjust video on the fly (mainly for replay). The TD also has the screen on the side of the TriCaster and another monitor that will act as Preview & Program. My goal is for the TD to have a stool and the producer just stand. I have a whole separate cart which has all my cable runs, adapters, and the like. I would like to get drawers for the new carts, but I'm need to save what I can due to limited budget. The mixer comes out on a sliding shelf for easy of use and quick access. Flight cases are expensive!!! I'm looking at 5K for what I could find and with this only going around a high school, and one journey a year outside for graduation, I really don't need the ruggedness. I also want to make this as one big unit due to the locations we work at through out the school. It also helps with storage inside the video classroom. I've been doing multi-camera events since 2003 and did some WNBA games in 2012. Keeping the stations 'away' from each other keeps people on task. Also it prevents back seat producers. I would love rack mounted monitors. I was looking at one here, problem is I need 2 and that puts me over budget.
  5. Working on a simple production set-up for a high school. I have 3 stations(audio, graphics, & technical director) and most of the gear is rack mountable. Attached is the base look. Gear to buy: (Links fixed) Gear on hand: This whole set-up allows for 4 cameras, anchors, and game data to wire in to a patch panel and can output 1080i60 to SDI for TV broadcast, NDI for backup, and normal YouTube streaming. I want to attache the small carts to the sides of the large cart so it moves as just one big unit. I am looking for some input before buy the final parts... With how things are going we wouldn't be using this until Nov/Dec due to sports being on hold meaning I have until the end of September to buy everything.