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  1. I contacted Gigabyte regarding it, and this was their response: Both IRST and AHCI should work, however, IRST is more new, while AHCI may be more stable. We would suggest sticking to default settings if it works for you, since if the options were reset in the future due to any sort of reasons, you will be safe from having to enter BIOS again to adjust the settings. Best Regards, GIGABYTE
  2. Thanks, everyone! My computer works fine and all is good, so I guess I'll just leave it as it is then if it's fine since the only one missing is the one in the bottom left corner because it's really too much of a hassle. I'm not using any heavy cooler just a single fan EVO 212.
  3. It's indeed strange. So far no issues at all, if I start to notice issues I might reinstall and go back to AHCI. Thanks!
  4. I was able to screw my motherboard into all the standoffs except for one, for some reason this last one just won't reach it just keeps going, but I've secured all the remaining screws. So now there are 5 screws, 6 including the one in the middle which holds it in place. Do I really have to get this last one? I'm starting to get frustrated by this
  5. Just finished installing my new motherboard (Gigabyte B360 Aorus Gaming) entered bios and updated it to the latest version and enabled XMP then decided to check the SATA options, and I found that under Sata Selection Mode the default was Intel RST With Intel Optane System Acceleration. I thought AHCI is the default option, but apparently, it isn't for me. Is this okay or should I change it back to AHCI? I understand I must reinstall Windows 10 to do that, and I will if it’s a deal-breaker. I'm only using 1 SATA SSD