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  1. I have been using my RGB mouse for a couple of months now. In the first few months I noticed, that there's some sort of black residue on my hand. Over the time there was more residue and you could see that the foliage from the mouse was flaking off, exposing the transparent shell underneath it. Then it was clear to me, that in fact, the residue was coming from my mouse. That shouldn't actually happen on a mid-tier mouse (paid about 39€ or 42 USD). It was clear to me that in fact, the residue was coming from my mouse. I thought it might have something to do with my hands itself, since they are often sweaty after being about 3 hours on the PC which then could result into the foliage coming off. But now, let us come to my question. How did that happen in the first place and how do i prevent it from happening in the future?
  2. Yep. I've looked at the Viewsonic Elite, but that was about 500 bucks here. So I would say up to 3840x2160 is fine, you'll get pretty goods ones with a reasonable price. Productivity wise I'm doing basic stuff such as Word, Notepad, etc. and some picture editing.
  3. Budget & Location: Germany. I can go up to 2000€ (2161 USD/3069,37 CAD). Aim: Productivity and Gaming PC, Medium to Ultra settings Monitor: Samsung T27D390, 27 inch, 60 hz (can be replaced) Peripherals: Already have a keyboard and a headset, might need a new mouse. An SSD for the OS and an HDD (nothing lower than 2 TB) for the games/programs is needed. Upgrading: Yes, from my pre-built HP PC. Hi! As you guys can see, I am planning to get a custom built PC, since my current PC is slowly getting in it's retirement phase after 5 years of use. Because my school is focused on computer use, it would be good idea too. That is why it should be focused on productivity use together with gaming of course.
  4. Nice shot! The colors are very crisp and distinguishable. If you are zooming in, you can clearly see the detail of the fur. It also isn't heavily pixelated, which makes it easier to zoom on the eyes for example. Took this picture last year, around this time too. It's one of my favorite pictures. (Note: This was actually taken on my phone!)