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  1. Maby, I Am not sure, and to be honest its not really something I can buy right now, but in the future its not out of the picture to buy both a New cooler and new case. So in the end the problem was Simply that I overestimated my cooler's capabilitys, thank you very much for the help.
  2. I see, thank you, but what about the temperature at the normal 4GHz? Arent dose a bit too High as well?
  3. I recently bought a used I7-6700k, but I have been having some trouble with its temperature and the mounting, the two problems could be related. First, the mounting, After changing the CPU, and having no problems doing so, I start the computer, the LEDs and fans turn on, but the monitor dosent recive any signal, After Reading this post: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/problem-with-new-cpu.3351778/ I First tried to run the PC without the cooler, It Turner on, so I immediatly turned It Off, and tried to screw in the cooler less thightily, and It worked. So, I Am Using am the Enermax Liqmax II 120S as cooling, and I never had problems with my I5-6500, It usualy never went higher then 45C° or so. With the I7 at 4GHz, its around 35 at idle, spiking to 60 when opening programs and such,and picks at 85 under load,staying at around 82. I olso tried to overclock It, I followed this old video as a guide, I tried 4.5 MGhz, and it quickly reached 100C° running folding at home (I know I should use a proper stress test, but for now I am only concerned with the temperature) I tried 4.2 and had very similar resulsts,It Just took more time, then 4.1, and It was at around 92 After 10 minutes. The all time I kept the voltage setting on adaptive mode. From what I have seen, this temperatures are not normal, but I couldent confirm It in any way, so I tought about possibile reasons, and of cours, I was thingking It might be that now the cooler isent tightend enough, (I tried to screw It in as tight as a I could befour It stoped booting) Could the CPU be defective in some way, that dosent allow me to get the water block on tight enough? I olso tought It could be the termale paste, I used the leftovers from the One that was included with the AIO, there was enough of It, the problem Is that It as been sitting there for at least 3 years, could It have gone bad or something like that? Of course, It could be lack of airflow, but even dough my system Is packed preatty tight, I have a couple of intake fans and there are only a couple of cables in front of the radiator. Build Motherboard: Asus Z170I CPU:I7-6700k RAM: 4x2Gb 2400MHz Hyper X Fury GPU:GTX 1070 AIO:Enermax liqmax II 120s Case: Itek spacebox.