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  1. I say it's not regularly at 75c. It only climb that way when the room is too hot. Otherwise, it climbs at 67c when playing games in an acceptable ambient temperature. Is this okay? Will extensive hours of playing with that temperature won't affect my cpu's lifespan?
  2. Thanks! Will it not shorten my cpu's lifespan?
  3. Hey! So I recently switched to a6 to ryzen 3 (yay!) and I'm saying now, Ryzen is the holy grail for budget gamers. I can now play good games non shitty qualities. My only concern is the TEMPS. I have a unconsistent reading of temps from my ryzen master. On IDLE it plays around 40-50c with chrome and a bunch of tabs opened it rarely goes down 40 tho and that's around a hot room temp and 35-57 in a cool room. on load it can rise up to 75c . is this really safe to keep using this? Can this reduce the lifespan of my cpu? I really don't have a new grease to put into my cpu. I'll just do it later after replacing my pc case I'm using a cheap gammax s40 cooler tho it's been a while since i cleaned it probably have some dust now. And i have a bad case for a moment with no intake fan whatsoever (Yes, I know this is a bad practice but im broke )
  4. That's my main concern. As the PSU is the very important part of pc. They are really small enough to fit in the holes of my exhaust. Do the bug zapper thingy work? I'm not really fond of spraying my room
  5. I never considered my room really filthy, Unless you count the blankets that I'm too lazy to fold. They just seem trapped in my room, They just showed up randomly
  6. No, they are not fruit flies. Since i never bring a food into my room. I think they are moths? Or mosquitoes? They really are small abd thin compared to a fruit flies
  7. Lately i have these two flying insect dudes lounging and flying freely in my room. They seem to be not bothering me but they seems to be hanging around my pc, (maybe they want to play?) Tried killibg them but they are reallyyy fast. Are these guys is going to be a threat at all? should i let them be? They are pretty small flies and only two or three of them. I'm just worried that they may end up inside my psu and inside my pc and might fuck something up. They are really thin and smaller than your common house flies. I'm from ph if that helps.
  8. This is the amount of paste i applied (but used a ryzen) would it be a problem if i accidentaly slided my cooler when installing it while the paste is on contact with the cooler? Will it spill?
  9. So earlier I was replacing my stock with a tower cooler. The cooler was a bitch to mount it needs a lot of force to be able to lock on to the brackets, so I kinda exert a little force when applying it. While pushing it down the cooler slided a bit with the applied thermal paste on it. I'm really worrying now that the thermal paste has now an uneven spread and might spill itself on the side of the processor. I didn't check tho, I proceeded booting it and it works. Temps are fine Ranging from 32-49 on idle 50-65 on gaming I have an amd cpu so I think this kinda acceptable I can use it normally now, but i'm afraid that it will come back and bite me in the ass later. I'm using a cheap paste from my local store called " Halnziye HY510" till I get a better one. I don't know if that's conductive or not
  10. Thank you for the tips. Is it still advisable to buy another stick of ram of the same frequency? I want to salvage my parts now. and I'm afraid the gpu here is much more expensive than the ram even used ram as a matter of fact. So I will first buy a stick of ram. The question is, Do I buy 2 that has higher frequency? Or should I dual channel with a low frequency? What do you think?
  11. Using the integrated one. And planning to stick till i get a decent 1050
  12. In a scale of 1-100 how much drops are we talking about? Some said that it's 80% which I think is kinda bs
  13. Yes. I'm saving up for a 16gb. Buto I'll use this one on the meantime. I'm really curious if using this kind or speed may cause me sweet sweet fps
  14. I have a ryzen 3 2200g and a single stick of 8gram with a freq. of 2400mhz. Now, a lot of people said that the required speed of ram is 3000 to reach thw ryzen's potential. Being the broke dude i was i only bought like the cheapest 8gb ram and did not consider the speed. I honestly didn't know that this line of cpu requires a specific kind of speed. So I'm stuck here with this ram and was wondering how big is the drop like, Lets say a dual channel 2x4 gb 3000mhz I'm probably gonna stick to this Ram till i get like a higher one
  15. I already solved my issue, Installed the latest updatw of win10 them bam. All of a sudden the vega is now showing up on my devices. Thank you for your response tho, I really appreciate you sorting out this mess with me