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  1. Lol. Intel's definitely going to be affected by this when they launch their Cooper Lake CPUs though. Just for now it seems AMD's the only one really affected by this change.
  2. So VMWare is supposedly targeting AMD's high-level server CPUs with their new licensing fees according to a Tom's Hardware article here. VMWare themselves have acknowledged the licensing changes in their news updates section although they've not mentioned AMD or any other company by name. Been seeing a lot of people theorizing that Intel tossed a lot of money at VMWare to do this seeing as how it seemingly doesn't touch Intel CPUs yet. Don't personally believe this to be the case but I've been proven wrong before. One way or another though, this is definitely going shake things up considering how widespread VMWare Workstation and it's parent company Dell is in the industry coupled with the shifting trends towards higher core counts. Interested in hearing other people's input on the matter though.
  3. Stayed at 168 consistently throughout the entire month, that's both surprising and impressive.
  4. Just rolled back to the previous drivers. Kept getting weird graphical artifacts on desktop. Not gonna update until Nvidia fixes it or they roll out a new update that does.
  5. Damn! 167, been pretty consistent this whole month so far! I like it.
  6. I've had my rig up 24/7 now. Also got a junky laptop doing some folding too although it doesn't do all that much. Can still game to a certain extent. Been playing the og Diablo which isn't demanding in the slightest so I've still been able to entertain myself.
  7. Sitting @ #163. Not too shabby although I could be doing a bit better methinks. Still, it's a strong start