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  1. Scott Manley talks with one of the developers at PAX
  2. The Picasso IV was one of the best that came out for the Amiga--I just wish I could have added some of the modules to it. The Picasso96 software was pretty nice and it allowed me to create custom display modes and resolutions. I did lose a few, lesser used screen modes and the ability to peel down the different screens on the Amiga--the stock GFX chipset allowed you to drag down different screens displaying them all well even if they were at different resolutions at the same time. I had two A4000/040 systems before. The first was in the standard desktop case and it was a nice step up for me from my A2000. But we had flooding in the FLGS I was co-owner of and the building's insurance paid for my replacement. So I ordered another A4000/040 (refurbished) from Software Hut but this one was in the Elbox Tower case with the larger daughterboard. That was my main system until I ended up handing all my old Amiga stuff to someone in the user's group to take care of a debt--I'm pretty sure I got boned in the deal. I also wish I had a pic of all my old Amigas but we were still using film cameras at that time and it cost money to take and develop pictures. I don't remember everything I had in there but I remember that the motherboard was fully populated with RAM that was hot-glued for some weird reason. It had my Picasso IV RTG card, An X-Surf II Ethernet card so I could surf via DSL, a Catweasel card to hook up PC floppy drives, maybe a Buddah IDE card, and possibly a SCSI card. My biggest bottleneck was that I had the stock Commodore '040 board installed--I really wished I could have afforded good accelerator in there like one of the '060+PPC boards. There should be a pic of my old A2000 earlier in this thread though.
  3. Like an old system that was never opened? I would still open it up and inspect the capacitors on the motherboard just to be safe. Inspecting the PSU for it may or may not be possible. I think some of those old Commodore caps get a bit leaky over time. Luckily enough, you don't have to worry about battery leakage like you would with an Amiga. It's pretty easy to open up and inspect. I don't remember if you need any special bits. I was part of a Commodore user's group for several years and I have opened up quite a few older systems to try to swap socketed chips to see if I can get it to work. I've also installed the JiffyDOS ROMS in several systems from the C64 to the 128D. Another fun task was soldering in device number switches in the old 1541 floppy drives.
  4. Cool to see old hardware. My old A4000 had the Picasso IV RTG Card for the graphics. It used a Cirrus Logic GD5446. It was a great card/GPU. It had 4 MB of video RAM--a lot for those days.
  5. I believe that a few Squad people are involved and I wonder if that's RoverDude's work, the Orion is in his USI set of mods.
  6. This is good news--KSP2 won't have microtransactions, loot boxes and won't be an Epic Store exclusive. https://www.pcgamesn.com/kerbal-space-program-2/epic-exclusive
  7. I have a Dell N5110 with 8GB of RAM and Win 10. So yeah... But I do appreciate the efforts to help those of us with these conditions you are helping to fight.
  8. I don't think that my anemic hardware can help in this project but thank you for helping with Parkinson's research. I have Parkinson's and I hope your efforts will help me and others with the disease in the future. I live in terror of Lewy Body Dementia after seeing my mother go through dementia after she went into remission the second time from lung cancer.
  9. I can understand skepticism with the sequel but the optimist in me hopes that this will be a good progression of the game. Rewriting it from the ground up may fix major issues but can also introduce new ones. I also forgot to mention that Private Division (Take Two) is the other big name behind this and that may or may not be a good thing. I will wait to see what happens with this new release as well. I love the original and I can hope for a worthy successor. If they botch it I know the fans will let their displeasure be known.
  10. Announced at Gamescom yesterday morning: Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming in 2020 for the PC, XBox One and PS4. According to information from the Official Page, the program is being rewritten from the ground up by star.theory--it seems that Squad is somewhat out of the picture but the original dev team for the original KSP is no longer at Squad. Promised features include more parts, interstellar travel and multiplayer. Support of modding is supposed to be expanded as well since the developers plan to open up more things that can be modded in the game. Fans are a bit nervous, of course, but from the developers video, it seems to be going into good hands. I hope that this will be a worthy sequel to a great game. Cinematic Trailer: Developer's Story: Scott Manley's first impression:
  11. @Aksuberb I remember playing with 40 and 20 MB drives in the past--they were even SCSI drives. Anyone remember terminator jumpers for SCSI devices as well as having to set SCSI IDs?
  12. I mentioned this when I showed off the pic of my Amiga 2000. I still have the Kodak Photo CD where the pic came from. I transferred the picture when the optical drive in my old laptop still worked. I cannot remember what I had to use but the disc uses a weird picture format and I had to break out some Google-fu to find something that would allow me to load and export the pic into something easier to deal with. I also have pictures of the USS Missouri when it was at the Port of Astoria (Oregon) before it was towed to its permanent spot in Hawaii. It was an impressive ship but at the same time, it was a bit smaller than I thought it would be. I'll have to see if I brought any of those over or if I'll have to find a computer with a working optical drive and pull the files off of it--or make an ISO.
  13. One thing that fustrates me is that since I'm on a fixed income, I'm still stuck with this aging Dell N5110 laptop that I did upgrade to 8GB and Windows 10--it does have certain issues where I have to reinstall the USB 3.0 drivers every now and again when Windows 10 does a major upgrade. Since I am running this sheer potato of a computer it does limit my ability to play anything really modern or top-tier. But it does handle Minecraft Bedrock well and I can play Kerbal Space Program with an abysmal frame rate--but still playable. Anyhow, I have been working on a Minecraft Creative server--I usually play Survival and I have had some fun with different builds. Toadstool Tower: A scaled up red mushroom that I painted up like a red Mario mushroom. The Nether Portal pyramid in the Nether. (I have attached rail/ice boat tunnels to it as I start work on a simple transit system.)