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  1. Hello. I used the same mice for both work and gaming at home. My question is: does my wireless mouse still draw power from my laptop even when I've left home? Like, does the received still drain energy even if I'm at the other corner of the city if I don't turn it off? Or is the distance between the mice and the receiver enough to make it stop drawing power?
  2. Razer is a gamer company. Razer is also a company that doesn't make their products look like trash. The more time passes, the less "gamery" their products look and it's for the best. Time for Asus to do the same.
  3. "Asus ROG II is better in nearly every aspect." True. But you neglect one big fact: it's the single most disgusting-looking phone on the market right now. It looks like complete and utter garbage, like a toy.
  4. I'm watching a MKBHD video about X phone. Oh, there it is. He compares it to the OnePlus. I'm watching a LinusTechTips video. Oh, he ALSO compared the phone he's reviewing to the OnePlus. And this youtuber too. And that one. Every youtuber seems to have fallen in love with the 1+7 Pro. It's not hard to see why: the hardware is perfect, I can hardly see how it could be improved. The software is also perfect, everyone claims it's the fastest Android phone you can get. What's there left to improve at this point? Find a way to get a 6000 mAh battery in it somehow? Hardcore instagram people will say the camera could be better, but realistically, it's already more than what most people ask for anyway. And the damn thing is like half the price of a Samsung or Apple flagship, all of which look worse with their garbage notches and their 60hz screens. So, is there any phone to pick over the OnePlus 7 Pro ?
  5. Even for gamers themselves. Who in their right mind would want to use that thing in public, gamers included? Razer does it much better.
  6. Yeah I came across this one. That's the cacth though: there's still a big cut for the RGB logo which looks silly.
  7. On paper it's the best phone on the market right now, but the damn thing is ugly as hell with its over the top """gamer""" design. It looks childish. Do you have any EU link for a normal case to cover up that disgusting back and the childish RGB logo? Thanks. ♥
  8. Like, plug my laptop to my desktop and have it run instead, since my laptop has better specs than my desktop?
  9. Ye but it won't save the download progression though
  10. I've been uploading a youtube video for 5 hours on this tab and it's at 75%. It crashed because of Twitch. I can still hear the Twitch broadcast, but the Chrome window is unresponsive, completely white and it has to be closed for Chrome to work. My question is: since I can still hear Twitch, are my Chrome tabs still "working" despite the whole thing bugging out? Is my video still loading? Should I keep Chrome open and hope for the best or close it and start it all over again?
  11. I see, thanks. How do you disable processor turbo?
  12. Purchased a full price Razer Blade Stealth with MX150 3 months ago. It's now on sale for $500 less. And a refreshed itteration with a GTX 1650 just got announced. It hurts. It hurts bad. What about you?