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  1. Mine doesn't care but passively learns from being around me. Good girl ditched her iPhone 7 for a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.
  2. Or is it TV, laptop & phones only? I've tried looking for OLED screens for my external display but I've not been successful in this undertaking.
  3. For the people of Italy, your cat doesn't say "meow" - it says "miagolio". In Spain, your cat says "maullido". It makes no sense and I have no idea how they managed to hear that. The French & the German and their "miaou"/"miauen" are reasonable at least. But "miagolio"? For real? How?
  4. Thanks for the video. Not a fan...I actually prefer how the Key2 does it, with the fingerprint scanner on the space bar, and the permanent keyboard. Not convinced.
  5. I can't see how waiting every 3 letter to get the correct suggestion or accent is more practical. The key combination are instantaneous and become muscle memory, you just don't think about it. I'm using the Key2 currently. Prior to buying it, I've watched probably 18 different videos from tech reviewers, and although most said they preferred typing on glass, they all agreed that the keys on this specific device are anything but tiny/cramped. It's very comfortable to type on.
  6. I'm talking about actual accents though. àéêèëïçù These.
  7. It does. But sometimes, the word is written without accent, or with a different accent: "préféré, préfère". Besides, I just hate relying on autocorrect, period - I just disable it altogether because I want to know precisely what I'm typing. It's often wrong about the way to write a world, which is very tilting for a French: it will mistake words than end with "-er" with those that end with "-é", and it makes you look like an poorly educated moron. I understand that feeling for devices like the Curve or the Bold, but I don't think you've ever tried the Key2. The keys are noticeably larger than on oldschool blackberries and they're really comfortable to type on because of that matte material they're using. It's a treat.
  8. As a non-English native, it's so much better to have a physical keyboard to do all the accents and weird shits your language features, without being reliant on a stupid autocorrect. I just hate typing on glass.
  9. What's the next buy for current Key2 owners who want a physical keyboard and a modern smartphone?
  10. That's kind of what you do though, is it not? You tend to specialize in one domain of expertise. If you choose to study language, you'll most likely dump mathematics and economics for example.
  11. That's a genuine question I ask myself to be frank. I don't travel, I don't see the point, precisely for the reason you mentioned - even though I'm well aware you did it ironically.
  12. I don't recall ever playing a game that doesn't feature PvP. My first game was Age of Empires II back when I was 7. Then WoW, I got into arena, I played some StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Mordhau. What's fun in a videogame for me is to be challenged, to see my skill increase, to become better and unlock the ability to outplay a larger number of opponents through skill alone. I don't see the point of paying $50 or more for a solo campaign that has no replay value. Yeah, you experience the content, you know the story. And then what? What's the point? Games like this, I just read a summary of the plot & I watch cutscenes. I wouldn't waste money on that. I'm interested in understanding other people's take on it though.
  13. So that laptop manufacturers don't see the point in limiting the battery capacity and we can get better battery life through sheer battery size? I say you should.
  14. Your reply is completely irrelevant to this thread through. We're not discussing the quality of Razer products, but rather talking about how they design their laptop from a purely cosmetic perspective. Imagine if you could have a solid, long-lasting laptop with top specs, good support, quality control and appropriate pricing - in which chassis would you like it all to sit? In a disgusting red "gamery" laptop from ASUS, or a sleek, elegant Razer Blade Stealth chassis?
  15. Yeah but, like...Couldn't they be just black rectangles made of plastic? I'm talking shapes and design choices here, not premium materials.