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  1. Here is a picture of my pc if that helps: edit: avg temps at stock values is about 35-45*C
  2. I think i have about 2 says left to return the product should i keep this or try my luck as i cannot get worse 10700k?
  3. The issue is, i usually work 12 hours on this comp so stability and "long life" should be important too. I am trying 4.9 @ 1.285V with llc4 but linpack just crashes after starting. My ultimate goal is to keep the cpu temps under 80*C but having better voltages than the MSI basic "auto 4.7ghz @ 1.30V".
  4. Now i have 50x ratio (47x ring) -1 offset and llc4 at 1.350V and cinebench gets about 92-93C, where should i go?
  5. I reseated the CPU and the cooler, applied fresh paste, but the results aare the same, on stock setting i reach 80C (however the stock voltage for 4,7ghz all core is about 1.290V which is high?). I am not sure what is the cause of this problem edit: linpack reaches 93-95C on stock.
  6. Okay stg is very wrong i got insanse temps even at 4.8 like 98 or so plus i got thermal throttling on 5 cores. I am now reseting the cooler but i think it was fine before so i think i jist bought the worst 10700k..
  7. I have a Fractal Design ION+ 760W So should I use it even lower clockspeeds to keep maximum 80C temp? like 4.8? As I said I can get a stable 5,0 at 1.330 ish however the temps are going critical and thermal throttling happens so its not really a good scenario. Can LLC changes effect this situation?
  8. I have a Dark Rock Pro 4, with a Z490 Tomahawk and I cant get stable 5.0ghz (ring 47x) with 1.32 Vcore, at 1.330 however I reach 90-100 celsius temp under cinebench, what should I do? Currently I ran 4.9Ghz ring 46x at 1.290 vcore. and I get up to 87Celsius temps. I havent touched LLC or any other settings (yet). Should I get a better cooler to at least control the heat?
  9. sorry for the late reply, but I wasnt able to do anything for a week. I have the latest BIOS, and currently I get 1.36 in auto settings, however that results 86*Celsius which is high, and I would like to decresae the voltage possible to 1.25 max, however I am completly lost in the MSI bios right now.
  10. I just watched couple of vidoes, mentiong motherboard manufacturers have aggressive power curves that can destabilize the system. Ho wcan I turn this off on an MSI Z490 Tomahawk? Do I just set the vcore on 1.250 (for a 10700k) to have a more "normal" performance?
  11. The 3700x costs about 20EUR less then the 3800X here, the b550 tomahawk is about 250 EUR, and as far as I am concerned the b450 tomahawk and the b550 tomahawk is the same more or less, but for 2x the price (the b450 tomahawk is about 120EUR). edit: added prices to my OP
  12. I would like to buy this "now" i know gen4 is gonna probably be big, but I just dont want to wait 4-7 month (and even wait the new gpus), as for b450 I am not sure about high end b450 since in price they are very close to x570 and x 470 mobos too, can you recommend some?
  13. Budget (including currency): 550 EUR Country: Hungary Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Everything(from video rendering, to gaming, to heavy multitasking (40 chrome tabs + other applications) Other details : I am going to keep my RTX 2070 super and my 650W FSP Aurum PSU, also my case and my Dark Rock Pro 4 + 32gb 3600mhz "amd ready" ram. Hey all, I am thinking "freely" about upgrading my CPU+Mobo since i could sell my current CPU+Mobo for about 250 EUR, so far I can get a 3900x+ b450tomahawk max or even a 10700k with a budget b460/z490 mobo, or get a 3800x and a 10600k with a better motherboard. I currently have 6 ssd+an m.2 sata so I am leaning toward the better motherboard option (with decent audio chip), but I would like to stay away from upgrading in the next 3 years minimum. Thanks in advance for your help. edit:prices CPU: 3900x = 400 Eur 10700k=380 EUR 3800x = 310 Eur 10600k= 310 EUR 3700x = 295 Eur 3600x = 195 Eur Mob: b450 tomahawk = 120 EUR z490 tomahawk = 250 EUR b550 tomahawk = 250 EUR z490 Asus ROG gaming-F = 300 EUR
  14. Yes I have a -2 AVX offset. And yes it only happens when benchmarking (cinebench, prime95), at least I havent launched any games. I will try the cmos reset. edit: it happens in demanding games too (after some time)