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  1. Okey thanks a lot all of you, I got the idea.
  2. No, but one of them is solid black, one of them has text on it and the other one is half-grey. But how do I need to hold it? Which surface is going to look up?
  3. Hi, I have 3 120MM Phanteks case fans but their cables all black. How can I know which one is ground,12V and tach?
  4. Thanks a lot for all of you guys, you really helped me. I decided to go for ASRock and it's been so easy with your help.
  5. I have read lots of reviews in Amazon about ASRock, they say it is not has a good build quality and ASRock is not common in my country, so I really don't know anything about them. You say it is worth it? It looks like that but I couldn't be sure because of the reviews..
  6. Hi, First of all I know that ASRock is much better on the paper but I have a special question between these two. Gigabyte has only 1 fan input, ASRock has 4. I have 3x Phanteks 120MM case fans. The only specification that I will use in ASRock is extra fan heads. I am living in Turkey, Gigabyte is around $70, ASRock is $80. According to the reviews that I read, Gigabyte has a better quality but the extra fan head in ASRock would be really useful for me. What do I need to do? I can't find any other brands (MSI, Asus) in this budget, they are starting from like $85 and all has 1 fan head.
  7. Okey thank you very much, you really helped me for to figured out this PSU thing. Probably I'll go for the CX650.
  8. Are you sure about that? In Turkish retailer sites all says 2 year, only foreign sites says 5 year.
  9. Yeah it kinda look like it. It is really confusing you're right, but i don't want to risk my critical parts because of the 20 or 30 $ I didn't pay. Okey, I know you don't know Turkish, except 1 of the CX650s and 2 Vengeance's all of them are out of stock, but thank you very much, I couldn't find most of these when I am searching. I have a final question especially for you, there is 40 $ gap between FSP Hydro 600 and CX650, you think it is worth it, Hydro threatens my parts? Please consider this, CX650 has 2 year warranty, Hydro has 5 year warranty. If you say yes, I will believe you and order the CX650.
  10. Okey, I will summarize my situation and will want a final suggestion from all of you. First of all, I would really want to buy a CX550 and that would make me happy, but unfortunately it is not available in Turkey. As I sad before, most of Tier A+, Tier A and Tier B PSUs are not available too. We don't have good Evga models here, just the cheap ones. We don't have any of the Rosewill, Sama, Antec, XFX and many more. SeaSonic, Thermaltake, Silverstone, Corsair (TX and RX series available), Cooler Master, FSP are almost DOUBLE priced in here. To make it clear, they have same price as the CPU that I am going to buy. It looks like unreasonable a bit to me. And the local forums, people says, for ex. 'VS550 is a really good PSU' or 'I am using Hyper K 600 for 2 years and it is great'. Lots of people is using them in here and there is not bad comments. There is plenty of users of PSUs that many of you label as a 'garbage'. What do I need to do? If you say 'you need to buy a PSU from Tier A+, A or B, the best option for me is FSP Dagger 600W 80+ Gold SFX, it is the only PSU that has same price in USA.
  11. Thanks a lot for your help, Hyper K is 380 TL, Hydro is 420 TL, 40 TL means 6-7 $ but Hyper K has 80+, Hydro has 80+ Bronze. I can afford both of them easily, you think I should go for Hydro?
  12. Hello everyone, First of all, i need to say that I am living in Turkey and I don't have much options for PSU, most of the Tier S, Tier A and Tier B PSUs in the Tier List are not available in here and available ones are really expensive. I am going to buy R5 2600 and GTX1660 with 16 GB DDR4 RAM and M.2 256GB SSD. I chose Phanteks P300 as my case but I got reall confused about PSU. The PSUs that I can afford and popular in here are FPS Hyper K 500-600, FPS Hydro 600 (only Hydro, not G or X), Corsair VS550, Thermaltake Smart RGB 600. They are around 80 $ - 400 TL. I won't OC my CPU or GPU. Can I use one of these PSU or anyone has a recommendation or do I need to buy single 8 GB RAM and pay 120 $ - 650 TL for PSU?