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  1. A flash drive firmware how to flash my drive with its firmware because its dead
  2. Hello, R* Social Club site is not opening on my WiFi network it was working fine couple of days ago but not right now. Rockstar launcher is in offline mode and social club is saying This site cant be reached . Can some one tell me whats the problem
  3. I have my ticket. I know no one here can help. But if someone says that they've recovered their hacked steam account that will give me some hope.
  4. Look I wanted to know if they help. Someone in this entire forum would have underwent this same situation and I want to talk with them. Not to people like you
  5. My steam account has been hacked. I've reported it. I want to know if Valve will help me?
  6. It can run more than low in some games . Thanks
  7. I have a old GT 610. Just wanna know if it has some value now (2019). FYI - It can GTA V smoothly. If it has some value at what price I can sell it ?
  8. SladeDJWilson

    Chrome OS

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Laptop it is a very basic laptop and it is running Windows 10. It is slow because it has just 4GB of RAM. All I want to know is there 1. Anyway I can install Chrome OS on it ? 2. Can I dual boot with Win 10?