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  1. Putting parts list together for a friend (currently have a 3600 myself) and they're gonna get a first gen CPU, and upgrade later. If i suggest a b450 motherboard that has out of the box support for Ryzen 3000, will it still support 1000 and 2000 cpus, or is it like the 5000 update that's removing older CPU support/
  2. I’m just gonna leave the topic now, thanks for everyone helping but since nothing worked I’m returning it and since RX 480’s are back in stock where I bought the 570 from I’ll just get one of those since they perform better and are £10 cheaper
  3. Please don’t judge the cable management, I took a bunch out to try and fix things, I’ll put it back once I have the problem solved. Either way, here’s what I mean about power LEDS (I started making the post a few mins ago on mobile so sorry if I reply to someone and this isn’t relevant)
  4. New update: if I start the card without an 8-pin connected, the white LED1 thing near the power socket stays fully lit, still no output from video but the little led stays on. When I have pcie power connected it flashes and then goes off but the RGB stays on
  5. Done, still nothing I’ve got no idea what’s going on
  6. Yep, what I was talking about when saying about drawing power from the slot was: I just decided to see if the slot was doing anything at all, so I kept the 8-pin inside the card but took the card from the slot, I get nothing. When I plug it into the slot PLUS 8-pin, I get RGB and fan spin. So the slots doing something but I can’t tell what (and the slot definitely works since I used to have a GTX 1050 until yesterday when I sold it to afford my new card
  7. 1: No, but I did buy it from a reputable store with a good warranty (CEX here in the UK) so if it comes to it I’ll get a replacement but it’ll take about a week 2: Here’s my main problem since that’s what the internet first told me to do, I can’t. It doesn’t show up in device manager or the BIOS 3: See last answer I have no idea what the cards doing, how does it even get power for the RGB from the pcie slot if it can’t communicate with the mobo?
  8. If it helps, the card does seem to get the power for the RGB from the slot, since if I turn the system on with the 8-pin inserted but the card out of the mobo, the lights don’t work, so now I’m even more confused
  9. These were my first few troubleshooting steps, but still, no dice. (Sorry for a late reply I was out)