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  1. My laptop has nearly 130 - 110 GB writes per day on windows 10 pro on SSD, as reported by HD sentinel and most other Softwares like crystal disk info! Is this normal? I don't want to turn off hibernate and pagefile but I only hibernate once per day and mostly i shut down anyway. https://imgur.com/a/iefiZah https://imgur.com/a/3jiDWfX
  2. My hard disk had 3 partitions C, D and E, and I formatted everything on the E drive and extended the size of the D drive using Easeus Partition Master by adding E drive to D. So now the size of the partition D is 500.5 GB , then I created a new 500 GB standard encrypted VeraCryptcontainer on the D drive. Remaining (non-encrypted space) space on the D drive is 500 MB. Now there is only C and D drive as I extended the size of the D drive using Easeus partition master by combining E drive to D!Before the formatting and extending the partition of E to D, I copied all data on the E drive to an external Western Digital 4TB drive but there was a 50 GB VeraCrypt file container on that drive ( E DRIVE ) which I marked as hidden from the windows explorer to prevent other users from deleting it. I forgot that there was that VeraCrypt file container on E drive and it didn't copy to the External drive as it was hidden from the windows explorer.Does making a 500 GB standard encrypted VeraCrypt drive on the D drive overwritten the D drive which has a size of 500 GB?I also used Kerish Doctor to prevent that VeraCrypt file container from accidental deletion, today I found that 50 GB VeraCrypt file container on C:\ProgramData\Kerish Products\Kerish Doctor\Restore folder and I copied it to an external drive and successfully mounted the drive using VeraCrypt, but only 3 or 4 files out of 500 files are readable (They are mostly videos, photos)The file extension that Kerish Doctor saved the file to prevent deletion is in .rst on C:\ProgramData\Kerish Products\Kerish Doctor\Restore folder.How do I recover all or most of the data on that drive? See the attached photo, it is how most of the files on that drive looks like and they are corrupted