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  1. Hey there everyone, thank you for all your replies. Based on availability, I'm going for a brushless DC motor I found for cheap in a workshop near my area. I'll be using the method of giving it low voltage to cap its speed and a mechanism who's name I do not know but it does not allow movement of the chair unless the user actively pushes the joystick forward(or backward). Will be going for dual motor system, powering the two wheels individually. And turning to be achieved by alternate direction of motion of the 2 wheels. In all, speculated cost from start to finish is around 40,000 Indian rupees, or around 550 USD. Which, I think is not bad and something I can afford. So, lets see how it goes. Starting the skeletal fabrication of the chair this weekend, electronics to be the last sprint Thank you for everything you guys!
  2. Hey beautiful people, So I have a friend who suffers from Muscular dystrophy, a disease in which your muscles and bones degenerate over time. He is 28 years old, weighs 90kg and has not stepped out of his apartment house for over 12 years (since his apartment does not have an elevator and his parents are too old to lift him around). If the pandemic has taught me anything, then its that life is short and you need to see the world when you can. He is a beautiful person, tech enthusiast and a heavy gamer and I want to do this for him I want to build him a powered chair and I want your help with what kind of motor I should choose. A normal industrial-grade DC motor (the e-bike motors) won't do because it just is too fast and even if I slow it down with a gear assembly, its low torque makes it dangerous for him to control because of low handling (he has brittle bones too). So I need something with a high torque, like a servo motor, which my friend can control very precisely. Speed is not a goal here. Safe mobility is. But a servo motor is not continuous in its rotation but I would very much like something with as much control as that. So can you people please help me out in choosing an appropriate motor(s)? Experienced members can even tell me its wattage, and other technical specs. I'm a mechanical engineer, I will understand Please note: I am an excellent fabricator (I can definitely build something swanky that supports his weight and still look cool) with intermediate level of expertise when it comes to electronics and control systems using basic computers such as arduino and raspberry pi. So please do not hold back if you have got in-depth ideas. Many might be thinking - there are ready to use power chairs out there, why not go for it? Reason is - we're in Mumbai (India) and they're just not available here. Import duty alone will be 5x the product itself and the pandemic makes nothing easier. Also, there's something fun about DIY projects so there's that too haha (same reason why we love building PCs when you can buy an pre-built Origin or NZXT eh? ). Down the line, after this basic problem is tackled, I plan to slap some RGB underglow and what not on this as well haha, I shall be posting the progress pictures if the community is interested Thanks people :)
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback. I really hasn't considered the power consumption into play. Thanks a lot
  4. Hey beautiful people. I was wondering if doing something like this here below (first half of the video only) can work for cooling a PC case or not. It is powered only by a 12V power adapter. I'm afraid that there might be condensation issues but I'm not sure about it yet. I saw a video on LTT channel where they literally throw in a pc inside a refrigerator but that really didn't solve any doubts that I have on the above project. Can some veterans help me out please?
  5. Hey everybody, Just solved the problem! Thanks for the help anyway. It alternates between CPU and GPU every 2 seconds. And also shows CPU usage all the time at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Yeah exactly! Thank you so much for being on point haha. I have a lot of external sensors lying around but I do not wish to use them. I want to somehow, using the softwares you mentioned or even something like CoreTemp, get the values that output there, ping onto my Arduino LCD screen every second or so.
  7. Thank you so much for your response, but not quite what I was looking for since I have all sorts of external sensors that are built for Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Adafruit but instead of using them, I want to use the inbuilt sensors of the motherboard itself.
  8. The reason I'm doing this is for aesthetic purposes. I have a tinted glass panel side case, and I am looking forward to displaying the CPU temperature (and any other pc stat) from within the case towards the outside. Doesn't deliver to my country without shipping prices so high that I possibly could go fly get them myself and come back And if it's from China, it never arrives Yes, going this route.
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to build an Arduino PC statistics monitor where my computer's sensors will be used to display and output stats like CPU temperature or RAM usage, etc. (Please see below image to what I aim for) Thing is, based on where I live, I can't really get all the parts needed to build it (as per most popular instructables tutorials) and have to do with the following hardware: 1 x Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno 1 x 16x2 LCD That's all I have. I do not have those fancy I2C convertors, interfaces bla bla. Can someone please help me out or point me out in the right direction please? Thanks and regards, ashinu77
  10. Thank you so much everybody. It really helps. I'm a bit calm now haha, since I didn't wanna be under that constant worry that my new CPU is being killed everyday. But as a few of you mentioned, down the line over the next couple of months or so I might invest in a better CPU cooler like the BeQuiet Dark Rock series or one of the triple fan liquid cooling ones (Jayztwocents once showed that single and dual fan radiators sometimes don't make much of a difference if we're really going down the liquid cooling route). Thank you once again to everybody who responded! I really appreciate it PS: if you're curious what the render was all about, I've attached a video. That's the final result of it all WPC_2kg_Blueberrry_Tubelight.mp4
  11. Hello everyone, This is my first post ever after joining the LTT forum community and I need your help since I couldn't find any concrete answers anywhere else. Last month I brought a budget PC for myself with the following configuration: CPU: Ryzen 2700X (on stock prism cooler, with an aggressive fan curve) GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 (Aorus Gigabyte twin fan version) RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3000Mhz (clocked to 3000Mhz) MoBo: Aorus B450 Pro Wifi (ATX) 1 x 256GB Aorus RGB M.2 Nvme SSD 1 x 250GB WD Green SATA SSD 1 x 1TB 5400rpm Laptop hard drive (that I salvaged from the potato laptop I owned before this build) 1 x 2TB 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda HDD Cooling solutions: I have 3 Antec case fans I bought and 1 corsair fan that came with the case. It's a Corsair 175R. Config is as follows: Two Antec fans at the front blast inwards, top Antec fan blow it up and out, and rear fan is also out. I live in Mumbai, India, with my room's ambient temperatures always siting around 26-29 degrees (yea I know). I'm an avid AAA title gamer and also a productive person with my work needing me to fire up softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, FL Studio, Keyshot, Cinema4D. The idle temps of my build is around 42-43 degrees. Here's my problem: Sometimes, I have renders that take more than 20+ hours and my temperatures sit at 70-72 degrees for the whole duration. My question is - is that alright? Or will that trouble me in a huge way in the future? I do think about liquid cooling but right now, after buying this PC, my girlfriend will kill me if I invest any more money into a computer I have already taken the front panel out and that helps a lot with the cooling as it was around 76 - 80 degrees with the front panel attached. Also, for those few who need more technical details, please find some screenshots attached. As for the overclocking bit - I've left it to the motherboard to do it on auto for me; so on lower temps I get a nice 4.25Ghz on all cores (at least that's what it shows on Ryzen Master). Another last note - any game I play doesn't get the CPU this high, it sits comfortably around 55 - 59 degrees. I've played SOTTR, Far Cry 5, New Dawn, AC Origins and Odyssey, etc. So no problem gaming and I game only for 3 - 4 hours daily on an average. So please help me guys - is a 70 degrees on a Ryzen 2700X continuous for more than 20+ hours harmful?