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  1. I got this game "Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus". I have a Gaming Laptop which i recently purchased - Asus Tuf FX505DT It has a Ryzen 5 3550H with Vega 8 Integrated Graphics and a GTX 1650 dedicated GPU. Whenever I try to run this game i get this error "Could not write crash dump". I google this error and i find tons of solutions. In my research to fix this error, one YouTube video said to disable my Integrated Graphics. My Laptop's display worked through the Integrated GPU so I ignored it thinking i couldn't disable it. I could Fuck up and didn't wanna take any risks. 2 Weeks passed and I couldn't find a solution. So i gave up on playing this game. After a month I decided to try again. Here's what I did: Connected my laptop to a TV through HDMI. Disabled my Integrated Vega 8. Since i was connected to a TV, the display was running through the Dedicated GTX 1650. I clicked Play, and it WORKED. So now the obvious reason it wasnt working was because of the Integrated GPU. So yeah the game runs through TV via HDMI. But I wanna play it through the laptop's display. I took the risk and disabled Integrated Graphics while on Laptop's Display. Surprisingly the display still worked using Dedicated Graphics. But when i try to run the game, it runs on 4FPS i.e it still uses Integrated GPU but doesn't give the error. So the thing is I AM FED UP. PLEASE HELP ME RUN THIS PROPERLY. Sorry for the long ass description im just so annoyed!!
  2. That's all fine I can open it and do stuff but i just wanted to know if it can be done. Will there be any compatibility issues or whatever? Its a laptop from 2013 after all.
  3. So I just bought a new gaming laptop, it comes with 512GB SSD. It has a slot for adding HDD onto it. So can I take the HDD from my old laptop and put it onto the new laptop's HDD slot? I don't even want the files or anything, just adding more space is the main goal.