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  1. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    Wow, thanks man! appreciate the help!
  2. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    Yall got them L I N K S brother? Would be much appreciated. ♥
  3. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    I didn't know that there where RGB frames. Noctua is also on the list of "Need to get" for the full build. The problem I face is I can't find an intake specific fan for the rad. flipping only goes so far.
  4. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    Noctua rgb??? That was my point. I wanted to make sure that the rad fans where intake not exhaust. Problem is the RGB situation looks less than perfect. P.S. first time on a forum of any kind. Just found out I can quote multiple people in one reply. sorry P.P.S. I want to make sure that the RGB is a1 for resale value. The build is an I9 9900k, 2080 super founder's edition, enermax liqfusion 240 aio, corsair vengeance pro RGB 3200mhz dual 8gb ram (32gb total when finished), MSI mpg Z390m gaming edge ac, 970 Evo SSD 1tb, 970 Evo m.2 1 TB, and a corsair 850 gold PSU all in a metallic gear neo micro.
  5. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    Tried this and the lights look god awful.
  6. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    The problem here is that there is no top space for fans, only rear.
  7. xxthatcrazyhoboxx

    AIO Intake fan

    Hello guys and gals, I am building my first higher end desktop and need some help. I have an aio setup in a sff case and I want to run intake on a front mount. The problem is that I do not have space at the front of the case to mount the fans, only internally. Meaning that my fans can only be in the exhaust position. I want to keep the rgb theme as well. Any suggestions? Ps, mounting in front of the rad would leave a lot to be desired in the aesthetics department.