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  1. Ken.bell

    Laptop GPU problems

    With a apex running I'm only going to about 400 mHz and my memory reaches 800 mHz.
  2. Ken.bell

    Laptop GPU problems

    Hey all! I have a Lenovo Y510P laptop running a sli GT755m graphics set up. Recently, I was doing some upgrades to the laptop (hd to ssd and new ram) and decided to replace the thermal paste and pads on the motherboard CPU and GPU chip. after reassembling my laptop I noticed my GPU frequency is was under it's base, 135 mHz instead of ~900 mHz. I cleaned off the old thermal paste with rubbing alcohol (91%) and used arctic mx-4 thermal paste. I double check all the connectors and everything is properly plugged in no kinks. Any advice on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated.