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  1. I didn't have this issue while gaming at all even with game boost (msi) enabled. That being said the u12s seems to have solved my issue. Might have to adjust the fan curve. Im not even sure I have pbo enabled this is the first non pre-built non oem I've owned so it's time to run through the bios and tweak some things. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. I have a ryzen 3600 and rtx 2080 super. Problem is if i set it to high my cpu get extremely toasty 98c and my fans are insanely loud which isn't going to work at night. I ordered a noctua nh u12s chromax.Black but it won't be here until atleast Friday. So is there a way in noon terms to set the cpu to low to keep heat down to a reasonable level and gpu at max? I ended up disabling cpu for the time being in order to sleep and I'd like it to do some work until the new cooler shows up.
  3. Rapid mode uses ram as ssd cache. It probably isn't an option with storemi configured. I'm probably going to stick to rapid mode only but I was just curious if someone had comparisons between the two settings or with them combined. I'm happy with rapid mode on my current Intel setup but since I'm going red next week when my parts show up I was wondering if there were any real world performance hit on amd since its so tied to ram performance. I store all my games on a hdd currently since it's not affordable to get several tb of ssds. My os and non game programs are on my 860evo
  4. I can't find any information on if either have an impact on system performance other than load times. Does anyone know of any data points or what would happen if they were ran together VS independently VS plain ol setup? I believe rapid mode uses unused ram to boost ssd times but with ryzen being so dependent on ram would it cause any slowdowns with the typical 8-16gb ram builds? It would be an interesting video I think.
  5. Yeah I have a Dell S2716dg (144hz, 1440p, gsync) that I picked up new from best buy for $350 new. The 2060 just doesn't push what I'd like for Boarderlands 3. That being said Bl3 looks like trash on my ps4 pro by comparison in either high frame or high quality.
  6. I'm In the works of building a new system and considering the new Nvidia cards are rumored to be coming soon I don't want to buy a 2080 now if it will drop in price shortly (or potentially the new lineup) and just hold on to my 2060? I figured this would be a good place to ask since I don't know if Nvidia has a somewhat predictable rollout/price drop as I haven't been paying attention to this industry for long. For those that may be interested I'm building a r5 3600, msi b450m mortar max, and still trying to figure out what I want to do for ram and open to recommendations since the QVL and a few ram manufacturers have conflicting compatibility(corsair mainly). Thanks in advance for the help
  7. Ordered shipped and sold by Amazon UK. Should have it by the end of the month. I figured Amazon us would handle any issues that may come up.
  8. New egg 3rd party from shipped from the UK isn't something I want to do and I don't do ebay any more and those are from the UK and azerbaijan Republic.
  9. Oregon. My only real option is online since best buy and frys here don't really have anything.
  10. I'm not really interested in anything more than matching the 3600x clocks and honestly from what I've seen there's barely any real world fps benefit to even doing that. I just want a board that isn't a turd that won't let me down and piss me off.
  11. The Asus is a atx board from what I'm seeing and the only msi b450 mortar left available in the USA is a titanium. I was mistaken with my earlier post when Amazon gave me bad results for the b350 mortar.
  12. I can't find it from a legit retailer. Only ebay and 3rd party listing on Newegg.I can find mortar titanium and mortar.
  13. I'm wanting to upgrade to a 3600 and keep my rtx 2060. I can't decide on a motherboard. I can use either a matx or mitx in the Thermaltake core v21. If I go mitx I need wifi if I go with matx I already have an ac card I can use but wouldn't mind having it built in either. I'm leaning to getting a b350 or b450 msi board but I have no idea how to judge good vrm to bad vrm. Any suggestions? I'm open to any good board as long as it can have its bios updated without a processor so I don't have to worry about old bios and no 2nd gen cpu to upgrade it.