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  1. ra4el

    building a host server

    about 500 € maybe up to 1000. As cheap as possible, but still powerful. I could get a ryzen 7 2700x very cheap, is this an option? I do not need much storage, 2TB would be enough for now and if I need more I can still expand it Is it possible to restart the game server and the website continues to run?
  2. ra4el

    building a host server

    I need help building a host server. I'm not sure which components to buy. The server should host a website, a teamspeak server, a gameserver (csgo, ttt, minecraft - only one at a time) and a nas. My upload speed is 12 Mbps, but in a few months it should be at 50. I already host a server so I know how it's done. Setting up and managing it isn't an issue. Btw, I'm not richierich, so the whole thing should be affordable and the power consumption should be acceptable. Maybe I should buy two servers, one for the website, the NAS and the Teamspeak to run 24/7, and another for games that I can turn off when I do not need it. Idk I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance