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  1. Discord.js just recently updated to their long awaited v12, so it's more than up-to-date when it comes to discord's api endpoints. Personally I'm a js fan and kinda like it more, especially wheh it comes to larger bots compared to python.
  2. # Get all container by their id container ls -a # Delete the old one docker container rm <id>
  3. The project was renamed to/taken over by "lancache". The steamcache github repo and docker containers have are all deprecated now. The ones are here and here.
  4. I bet most peple would rather provide cpu time for a charity than "earning" maybe a few bucks for a whole month of running their software. Just thinking about the power cost for this if the motivtion is purely monetary is not good at all. For charity people just don't care, but if the drive is purely monetary, you need to account for all costs including power. The fact, that they don't even say what they are using that cpu time for, makes it even more shady. They are basically outsourcing cpu time to gullible idiots (sorry for swearing ) for a fraction of the market price. EDIT: virustotal seems to not like their "software" as well. 25/71 flagged as something "not good" https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/NzNkYTRlMDc1OGVkNWNlZjQxY2Y3N2U0YzUzYzhkMWE6MTU4MjkwNTA5MA==/detection
  5. My LC-Power ITX Case with a power supply. The PSU fried most of the components after about a year and the case itself is verybad when it comes to even basic things like the placements of the mainboard screws/standoffs.
  6. They seem to even tell you to use Let's encrypt anyway https://www.ecowebhosting.co.uk/blog/all-about-ssl-certificates-and-why-its-important-your-website-has-one/ EDIT: All their offers are advertised with lets encrypt certificates already. Are we on the same page here?
  7. I can recommend the AOC 24G2U. Those are 1080p 144Hz IPS Panel and flat. I'm running 2 of those for a few weeks now and they are great so far
  8. Not bad, but not as "latest" as i would've thought ubuntu would include. debian includes 0.8.3 on the backports and the same version on the newer version of debian, which is the latest version since roughly a month now. 0.8.1 is from iirc June last year.
  9. Sure, I'll be watching out for that then. And yeah, debian seems to be fairly different to ubuntu then. Especially that license notice can be "frightening" for new users, who just follow the standard procedure of a guide. Btw, which version of zfs-dkms does ubuntu install by default. Knowing ubuntu in general and compared to debian, it usually is on the more "up-to-date" side of things when it comes to new version of basically all included software. Is it already running 0.8.x or still 0.7.x? You can check by running something like "apt-cache policy zfs-dkms" to see the package managers version of said software package. This should work on ubuntu as well (I guess).
  10. I tested it yesterday again and no, it did NOT work out of the box for me. I had to go the "load it manually" and tbh, I can't see any other way on debian for it to work out of the box at all. If it would, there would be no problem between out good ol linus torvalds, oracle and all those open source licenses. Or rather, it doesn't work out of the box because of those things and maybe never will. Test was done with the latest debian 10 netinstall as of yesterday. EDIT: Adding this here again, I do not know how this is handled on ubuntu, only debian! EDIT2: About to test this again with v0.7 as well, just to be sure. EDIT3: Adding the "contrib" source on debina is a must though, no matter which zfs version. Otherwise it will not find neither find zfsutils-linux nor zfs-dkms
  11. Close, but no. I read your original post again and now I'm not so sure what OS we are talking about anymore. I was specifically talking about debian (not ubuntu!!), no matter which version of it. Same goes for zfs on debian, no matter which version of that either. debian and linux never liked eachother because of the nature of their licenses and oracle being part of the whole conversation. The short version, ANY zfs version on debian has to be loaded like I described it. You install it, load the kernel module with modprobe and then start the service as usual. The new(er) version of zfs I suggested was just an additional thing I proposed, because it really has some neat new features some people might want to have, but it has nothing to do with the installation stuff from above. EDIT: Here a pic of how that license "popup" looks like on debian. (Copypasta from linuxhint btw)
  12. Some additions (for debian servers): The latest debian 10 (buster) only uses zfs 0.7.x, but the backports already use 0.8.x, which has some really nice new feature alongside a lot of performance improvements and fixes. It might therefore be better to use the newer backport version, especially if you run something like an SSD storage array, because of the added TRIM support in 0.8.x. Full changelog HERE. A simple entry inside "/etc/apt/sources.list" with "deb <repo-link> buster-backports main contrib" (and deb-src) before installing zfs-dkms and zfsutils-linux will use 0.8.x instead of 0.7.x. You have to omit "contrib" from the normal repo, otherwise it might still use the older version and not the backports. I think you didnt mention to add contrib at all anywhere, which will result in apt saying it cannot locate the package, be it 0.7 or 0.8. When installing zfs, apt will open a notice with blue background that zfs and debian don't like eachother because licenses. Some people might not know why this is shown at all and it might scare them, despite it not being a "problem". It can safely be ignored. It might be a good addition to 3 (or 4), that zfs must be loaded manually as kernel module. After installing zfs, apt(-get) says "modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/4.x-x-x-amd64" and "ZFS modules are not loaded". A user must load it with "(/sbin/)modprobe zfs", otherwise the zfs service cannot be started.
  13. How was it the past, when NVIDIA announced new gpus. How long did it roughly take till they finally released them? If they decide to announce new models at GTC in march, can we maybe expect them in early Q3, or later?
  14. I can confirm this price trend here in germany as well. The exact same drives as those @Kilrah posted have the same price spread in Euro. All of them from one of the largest computer etailer here in germany, so no shady ebay sellers or anything either. (This is a price comparison website, so the actual prices are 10-15€, bit the difference between the drives stays the same)
  15. As long as the mainboard can handle M.2 A+E key cards, sure. I am not sure if those fit into a normal M.2 slot though or if there are add-in cards for these.