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    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    But the strange thing is my old IPS that is from Acer too, has no such problems. So it doesn't seem to be a normal IPS thing. Looking at an angle the entire screen is super bright. 178 degrees viewing angles? No way! Where it bothers most is the SOTR game I mentioned. If I enable HDR, everything dark gets really really dark. In caves it can be hard to see anything at all. Sure some details like a bonfire, looks amazing, how it throws light in the cave, especially with RT. But when there is no light close and you can't see the face of the person you are talking to in the cave camp during a dialogue, it is just ridiculous. Sure it is kinda realistic and you could get used to it, but with such darkness, the glow totally ruins it. Because the glow is brighter than the dark areas in the picture. I think dark would need to be darker for HDR to work well. Maybe those FALD models would do a better job. I have contacted Acer support again, but they haven't bothered to reply anymore. Going from 1440p to 4K doesn't seem worth the bleed problems and loss in FPS, when the HDR doesn't seem to work very well either.
  2. slr234252

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    I just got the same monitor and it suffers from the same problems. I sent the first one back and got a new one. Same problems, a bit milder though. Complained and got a third that is also wrong, with an added BLB. The same thing, it is worst in the upper left corner, but visible in other areas too. It reaches halfway down the sceen and about 1/3 towards the right. A smaller glow in every other corner. It doesn't show in light pictures, but in dark areas it does. In black screen, or in dark areas in games, like Shadow of the Tomb Raider it was like having extra light sources in the cave. I have used plenty of IPS monitors and never seen anything like that. Not even my old Acer 270HU which should basically be same tech, except the resolution and HDR. The strange thing is I went to another nearby store to see their monitor on display and the picture was perfect. Although the environment was much brighter. So it seems like a problem with the model, but then not. And they said they had sold plenty of them with no returns. So I am confused. Am I overreacting or extremely unlucky to get 3 defected ones. Anyway leaning towards returning it and getting a refund. The store offers 50 days refunds on everything. You can even use it for 50 days and return it as long as you don't damage it. I contacted Acer suppot with pictures, that look much like yours and they said it seems like a defect, but how I got 2 new ones and both have the same problem, I can't understand.