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  1. Any good laptoo reccomendations? Give me a laptop model name. And for weight. A light 15 inch but powerful laptop
  2. I am from Malta. 2,200 euro budget. Graphic design & light video editing + some good gaming time (world of warcraft, pubg, overwatch mostly), weight to be light as possible since i will carry it allot. (This is why I really liked the Razer model as it had everything i needed) 15 inches is a sweet spot as i had a 17 inch with a 1070 graphic card and was to big for me since i started serious freelancing. Thanks!
  3. Hi all new here! I am in the market for a gaming & freelance machine. ( I do graphics and some light video editing ). I need a laptop for both work and gaming on the side, I travel quite frequently for meetings and I need a good workstation that I can take on the go. I am looking for a machine that does not have the gaming aesthetics and good build quality. I have been looking at the Razer Blade 15 and on paper seems like a great laptop and just what I need! However... I did see some videos where people have had bad experiences with their blades. (Quality Control, Customer support etc..) But then there are people who absolutely have no issues with their blades and love it! Battery life is not a concern because where I usually have meetings are in businesses with wall plugs near so I can easily plug it in! Any advice? No Mac options please :)