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  1. i hope to get more cheaper but i guess you suggested the best not the cheapest..
  2. i am thingking of doing 2 gaming rig in 1 cpu. and have this cpu in mind " xeon e5-2651 v2 " and i dont know what other parts would fit or rather use and mainly i would like to use the gaming pc for League of legends and Dota 2 gaming for my nephews .. can any one help me find the cheapest way to make this work. by the way im from philippines if that would give you any idea how Overpriced parts are sold on our country .. thanks in advance all suggestion will be appreciated..
  3. im currently using i3 7100t with Asus H110M-E/M.2 and thingking of upgrade to a more powerful cpu for streaming ang playing games what would be the best upgrade cpu i could buy or should i really need to buy both cpu and board at the same time.
  4. Hey linus, i have watched a lot of your tech tips online and it gives me a lot of things that always interest me and learned a lot .. and recently my monitor stop working and i cant seem to get past the window where i log in my account it just black out on me and i cant seem to power it back on. so i am considering buying a monitor and i have 2 in mind since im working on a budget just wanted to know if you have any idea which of the 2 is more gamer friendly and would give a good performance.. thanks linus ..