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  1. I see. So to put this all together, the GT 1030 is mildly weaker than the 750, but has way less power consumption. And with the GT 1030, a power supply is not at all needed. The port on my laptop is a mini PCI-E x1 slot, but the black port on the adapter is a PCI-E x1. Using the EXP GDC, that has a PCI-E x16 instead of an x1 like on the adapter. But this does not make a difference when using the EXP GDC or the adapter because it's still passing it through an x1 which the slot on my laptop. Am I missing anything here? Is that all right?
  2. So what you're saying is the card is PCIe x4, but the actual adapter is PCIe x1? How much bottleneck would there be total?
  3. So this will work the same way? This won't change the way it works/the graphics card runs? So this is the highest power graphics card that I can run with my laptop based on my CPU with the least bottlenecking possible?
  4. Say I get a 750Ti rather than just a 750. Should it still run similarly to a GT 740?
  5. Let's say I decided to use a card that the CPU can handle the most. I obviously can't use a 2080 or something, not that I even would in general. But anyway, is a 750/750 Ti or something equivalent the most I could go? Or would anything further just be a waste of money due to the weak CPU?
  6. Any laptop power supply? Or a specific one? I hope I don't have to resort to a power supply, because that's a whole other I have to worry about, in terms of making sure it's the right one, it works, and all that. You know what I mean. And apart from the mini PCI-E slot, will the CPU be bottlenecking the card? I want to get a card that's not too overkill, but works. It's going to be bottlenecked in this situation no matter what, but I want to get a card where I can use as much performance out of it as I can based on the CPU I have and my overall laptop.
  7. Do you know what's a way to minimize the amount of bottlenecking from all this and attempt to get the maximum performance I can? And if I do get a 750, an ATX PSU is mandatory? Is there a difference between the versions of the EXP GDC Beast? For example, there seems to be a V9 and a V8, and other versions as well. Do you know what any of these versions mean?
  8. I just don't wanna get something that's overkill, or even something that won't work at all. As long as it's something that works and works well, and that I have no problems with. Also, now that I think about it, should I really bother with something like a 750? If I'm not gonna get the full performance out of it, should I just get something that I could get the maximum performance out of instead? And by the way, I heard that using an external monitor for your laptop when using the GDC dock is almost mandatory in some cases, but I have no idea if any of this is true. Do I have to use an external monitor? Would that provide any benefits?
  9. I'm aware it's a weak processor, that's why I'm still very limited to the games I can run. So something along a 750 will do? To be honest, I really don't plan on running anything intense, so this might actually be fine for the time being. So I have to get a power supply for this? Any sort of tips on this? I'm really bad at power supplies, I don't understand much about them. Any recommendations on which power supplies would be good for this setup?
  10. I have a mini PCI-E right under the keyboard, so I plan on using the PCI-E cable if I do end up installing the GDC.
  11. I plan on installing a graphics card in my laptop using the EXP GDC Beast, but what do I need to know first in order to do this? How do I know which graphics card my CPU will support without it being bottlenecked, and what else could potentially be bottlenecking it? I have no experience within this, so I would appreciate any sort of aid.