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  1. Yeah not really much options around here and the other options are just really bad ones, and in the end I just have to choose between 2 models but different hardware, but I'm not entirely sure yet, so that's why I came here to get some opinions.
  2. Since I'm studying software engineering I want to get a laptop so I can get some work done on the go (mainly coding and some addittional uni work). I started looking for options at my local retailers since I live in Guatemala and getting stuff from the U.S. drives the prices way too high so I'm looking for great battery life, a light device and a good screen but if I can play games on it, that woud be awesome, so I narrowed down this into 4 potential laptops. What I believe are the best when it comes to battery and screen size. ASUS X512 (i7 8565U - 12GB of RAM) - Link for Specs ASUS X512 (i5 8265U - 8GB of RAM) - Link for Specs What I believe are the best gaming laptops I can get for the price. ASUS GL503 (i7 8750H - 16GB of RAM) - Link for Specs ASUS GL503 (i7 8750H - 8GB of RAM) - Link for Specs Any thoughts or experiences you've had with these laptops such as battery life, weight, screen size and quality, please leave a comment and any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.