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  1. Szeptom

    Cpu 100%

    Maybe this is a windows problem, I'm not sure, after making an update it got resolved, but after another update it got screwed up again. Can I do anything about, beside buying a new cpu
  2. Szeptom

    Cpu 100%

  3. Szeptom

    Cpu 100%

    Hello guys, My PC: I5 6500 gtx 1070 8 gb RAM 240 gb ssd When I play Rainbow 6 Siege, GTA 5 or I download something from Steam Uplay my CPU usage is at 100%. The average temperature is around 50 °C and never goes above 70. Like 3 months ago i observed that Gta 5 is struggling loading in the textures, after my pc freezed when i was downloading something, and last month in R6S every time I move the mouse the game froze for like a second, at EVERY mouse movement. I have R6S for 2 years and I never had this issue, I even tried to play it to play whit the lowest settings possible nut I got the same results.