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  1. Hello everyone, I need help to chose the motherboard. x370 asus prime pro, b450 aorus pro or b450 tomahawk? (x370 asus prime pro are in sale on my country and have the same price than the other two models.)
  2. Currency is Brazil BRL... The prices of these motherboards here: x370 Prime Pro (729,00 sale price) B450 Tomahawk (729,00) B450 Aorus Pro (799,00) I need atx size. And i plan to overclock only ram. Because i allready have 2x8gb 2666mhz crucial ballistix sport at.
  3. Now i dont know what to do.
  4. I am little afraid of msi because the bios problem. Msi on my country have 3 years warranty and asus only 1 year. Which would you choose?