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  1. I'll give it a go.. Let's see if I manage to improve it... Do you think lapping the h110i is worth it? If so any guides?
  2. Ooh oring method never heard before... Why would this help?? To reduce the movement of the back plate?
  3. I thought the same however checked paste imprint and looks fine, and it's as tight as it can be....tried so many times to remount it, it doens't fix the issue. I thnk the H110i is just crap. Idle temps are 10-15C above ambient.
  4. Yeah I made a test with the rad out of the case and it didn't change much...maybe 1C?...still as I just edited in my previous message, there is a delta of 60C between waterblock temp reading and cpu temperature which I think is excessive....don't you think?
  5. 1.23 volts, during hot weather (32-33 ambient) it would hit 100C while transcoding in plex which is weird. I'm certain it's touching well on the CPU and i've recently installed liquidmetal between die and IHT...I think the H110i GT isn't performing properly as the temperature on the waterblock shows about 40c...60c delta between CPU and waterblock temp is excessive isn't it?... Aren't there better waterblocks that are faster in the heat transfer?
  6. Hello gang,I wanted to seek advice on a possible custom loop I'd like to put together.Currently I have a H110i GT on an i7 4790k...I am not happy with the cooling performance though, and the cpu does tend to get hot like a beast. I'd like to keep this cpu for a couple more years though as it's doing pretty well in 4.6ghz.I am thinking of selling the H110i GT and putting together a custom loop but I've been away from the custom loop world and unsure what the best parts to build one are.Here are the criteria i'd like to follow:1)It must be compact, and fit all in my NZXT S340 case. 2)It must be parts that I can reuse when eventually in a year or two from now I upgrade my system3)I'd like advice on best waterblock that can fit LGA 1150 as well as future proof, Best 280mm rad with integrated pump (if such thing exists) , any way I can skip having a reservoir/pump just to reduce amount of parts that need to be fitted in the case? 4)at this stage i am only interested for CPU cooling and not GPULook forward to your tips.
  7. lowr1d3r

    Seeking Gaming Router expert advice

    Good point but unfortunately I don't have the wired option due to where the line is placed and where the various systems are positioned around the apartment. The only wired option is through powerline, however i've tested it and the speeds I get are even lower than the 5ghz signal of my crappy isp ZTE router. Even then though the ZTE can't handle game streaming or high quality video streaming without stuttering (which is one additional reason of getting a good router with powerful CPU and enough RAM).
  8. lowr1d3r

    Seeking Gaming Router expert advice

    Thanks, i'll look into this option. In the meantime any suggestions from other users that have experience with high end all in one routers is welcome.
  9. lowr1d3r

    Seeking Gaming Router expert advice

    What are the benefits if I may ask? compared to those two models I shared?
  10. lowr1d3r

    Seeking Gaming Router expert advice

    Thanks, however I have no clue what this is and as I am not an expert I'm not sure whether this would be the best option ... i'll look into it though. If you had to recommend a consumer router would you have a preference?
  11. Dear all, I am new to this wonderful community, and decided to join as I see a lot of expertise. I decided to take the plunge and buy a serious router as the one given by my ISP Hyperoptic UK, is a really scarse quality ZTE model. I don't know which one to get though! The things that mostly matter to me are: 1)low latency as I play online on ps4 and PC 2)Fast and reliable speeds - no need for it to be the absolute fastest out there but to have acceptable speeds 3)Ideally a WRT router that gets updated regularly by the community (even though I am not a WRT expert) 4)I live in an apartment that isn't massive so I don't need something with ultra strong range Models I was considering are 1)Linksys WRT32X (105GBP) - I hear though that the official firmware hasn't been updated in quite some time. I was wondering if DD-WRT solves issues and added features over time 2)asus rt-ac86u (160GBP) Based on the above preferences and the prices...which one would you recommend and why? And if neither of these two, then which one? I'd like to ideally stay at around 150gbp and not break the bank I look forward to your advice! Many thanks