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  1. Cars are edible in China? Fix the hole, case closed, problem solved.
  2. I've subscribed to LTT, TechLinked, and Tech Quickie and have been watching regularly for years now. I really appropriate all the effort that goes into their videos and that they've shown their audience how they get it done behind the scenes in a number of videos. I'll admit it gets to be a bit of a nuisance, but I also understand with most people using ad-blockers on YouTube that in-video ads help to pay the bills. If you really hate it you can always pay the $5 a month for Floatplane. I guess you have to decide just how much you hate ads and if it's worth it to you.
  3. Let me ask you this. How much of his time, money, and other resources would have been wasted if the computer had failed entirely leaving his data unrecoverable? You can’t answer that, neither can I, but we can both assume a measurable amount that would have effected his income. Operating on a shoestring or not, continuing to run Windows 7 on a 10 year old machine will eventually cost him even more if he does nothing about it.
  4. Assuming this is a legitimate business and not one operating under the table he could easily buy a new machine every 5 years and write it off as a business expense. If the machine is critical to his day to day functions then he's doing himself a great disservice running a machine that long. He could purchase a new computer for 4-5 hundred dollars. I think this may have more to do with an unwillingness to learn a new OS and migrate his data than actual financial constraints.
  5. Yes, anytime you separate a CPU or GPU from it's cooler you need to clean the old paste off with alcohol and apply new paste.
  6. Other than very specific applications that were designed and optimized to run on Windows 7(usually found in commercial production, CNC machines, and so on), there really is no good reason to stick with 7 at this point. If your PC is too old for Win 8.1 or 10 either keep it off the Internet or run a Linux distro of your choice. There's nothing wrong with running older machines for specific tasks but if you're using a 10 year old machine as your primary then it's time for an upgrade. Data migration and application compatibility is normally the argument made by the more resistant adopters but these are often the same people doing almost nothing to ensure data integrity.
  7. This is why they make different sized silicon tips for ear buds, it ensures a proper fit. This has never happened to me and I hope to hell it never does. That had to have been extremely earitating for you.
  8. Just use can air or a datavac/electric duster.
  9. I'd be interested to know if any of LMG's staff actually wears a Vincero watch regularly. How else would they know whether or not these watches are actually decent? Sure, you can give them a once-over or read reviews before approving the ad spot but what if they fall apart or keep horrible time.
  10. Yup, Cooler Master made a funny. They had a new product to promote. They turned to social media (as most companies do) and decided to take a humorous approach instead of posting something dry and matter of fact. It worked, people are re-tweeting and talking about it.
  11. You’re using both grammar and punctuation. It’s not entirely your fault you’re not very proficient at it yet. @BrinkGG I don’t disagree with you but try to consider many of the people here are very young. It should’ve been obvious to you based on both the subject matter and the points made by OP.
  12. If LMG was hurting for viewership they might consider offering certain videos in multiple languages. Since this really isn’t much of an issue at this point I don’t think they have any plans to implement it. I know they have a few members of their staff that are multilingual but I’m not sure if anyone is both fluent in Spanish and willIng to be a presenter in videos. @Lady Fitzgerald OP is clearly fluent in English. This really isn’t the equivalent of living in a country that speaks a different language and asking native people to make special concessions for you. LMG’s content is available almost everywhere on demand. They could theoretically expand their viewership should they choose to offer an additional language or two on select videos.
  13. Knowing how Apple generally operates they’ll probably stop including lightning cables/wall warts in retail boxes until they’re ready to either switch to USB-C or remove the port all together.
  14. Have you ever designed and built your own car, cell phone, TV, satellite, lithium battery? The list is endless and your statement is ridiculously hypocritical. What ever device you’re posting on the forums with is very likely something you have no experience making yourself.