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  1. Well the Arctic F12 is 7$, the Pure Wings is 11$ and the Noctua Nf-a14 is 26$. I know they're the best on the market but I don't know if they're worth it when compared to the fans that I mentioned.
  2. So since it's summer it's been getting really hot and the pc has been running too loud. I don't know what case fans to get so I'm open to new suggestions but right now I'm mostly looking at the Arctic Ac f12 pmw rev.2 or Pure Wings 2. Here's my build: Cpu: R7 2700x (currently using the stock cooler but I'm buying an Arctic Freezer 34 Duo with the fans) Gpu: Gtx 960 2gb(plan on upgrading to the new nvidia gpu when they'll launch Ram: HyperX Fury 16gb 2666mhz Psu: Thermaltake Litepower 650W Case: Cougar Turret Mesh And I currently have 3 Floston Aurora rgb fans which are kind of loud + the fan included with the case. My question is should I get the Arctic F12 pmw fans or the pure wings 2 or are there other better alternatives.
  3. Yeah, I'm surprised that it can still run modern games(kinda). I usually have to turn the video settings to almost to the lowest. Btw the gtx 960 is 2gb
  4. Thanks for the advice! Yeah I will definitely wait for the new ones to come out.
  5. So guys I have a problem, right now I have a gtx 960 that's 5 years old and I want to upgrade it to play modern games like cyberpunk 2077. I can buy a second hand rtx 2060 for 280$ but I don't know if I should wait for the new nvidia graphic cards? My pc: -Ryzen 7 2700x cpu -Aorous B450 Pro motherboard -16gb Hyperx Fury black 2666mhz ram -Thermaltake 650W PSU -Samsung 256gb SSD -1TB Hard disk(forgot the brand)
  6. Yeah it didn't help. I also changed the ram to see if that was the problem but it was not
  7. Right now because I just reinstalled windows I haven't installed many games. I'll install more and see
  8. It crashed to the desktop and I get the send crash report windows.
  9. I tried to play rainbow six siege but like I could play with bots but when playing online it crashed many times while loading.
  10. Thanks. I'm gonna try some games now and come back in a few minutes with the results
  11. Right now only on my gpu. I overclocked it using msi afterburner. I had it overclocked before I changed the cpu and it worked perfectly before
  12. Well I reinstalled windows and I also reinstalled the gpu drivers with ddu and updated the bios to the latest version
  13. Well I did an aida stability test and gpu usage spikes from 0% to 100% and so on and the screen freezes. Is it a gpu problem?
  14. Hi! So I recently upgraded my cpu and motherboard from an i5-6600k to a ryzen 7 2700x and games keep crashing. I have a gtx 960. Is it because amd cpu doesn't work with nvidia gpu?