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  1. kilcmd

    Multiple Builds

    Gonna have to take the ups from wifey rack out, which sucks. Dam thing makes me regret not hitting the gym more.
  2. kilcmd

    Multiple Builds

    Sound amazing, but that comes with the type of fans that you use. "Noc, or Cors". In terms of air flow, is hard to beat server cases like this one or similar style. (3x 120mm front, 2x 80mm back, and you can go ballistic with that fan wall from 3 to 6 depending how you mount them. There's a dude called JDM_WAAT on youtube as well, he did a Anniversary build I believe it was the same case. He went with 2 Evga's Hydro blocks, on a dual xeon. Hope it helps.
  3. It's fine mate, I don't need to chill any more than what i already do or i'll end up in a coma lol. Maybe If I didn't see the post I probably wouldn't have felt it was directed towards me or something 420 paranoia is serious. Possibly taking the same approach in messaging him direct and discreet as you do for other situations could have avoided that. Appreciate you though for explaining the process.
  4. No worries, yeah it took my like a day to be like you you know what let me try different builder, and i switched it to etcher and the installs were going in with out me having a slew of errors on the os later. No worries I hope i was able to help a bit.
  5. I'm a bit confused just trying to help him, i guess i'll stop now don't wanna get into trouble.
  6. When you did the setup on the vm, did you let the vm do a guided partition install and allowed it to do it for you to save time? or did you attempt to mimic for what i'm understanding a manual partition setup. If you allowed the os to do the partition for you, and install automatically. Then I would try to allow it to do the same for the partition your trying to rebuild. Also I do the same I hang in linux when i want to get things done, I would recommend some tools i use for coding or working in lunx : joe editor, and tmux are my favorite. Atom is also a great Gui option for coding. OHHH also Since you mention the program you used to make the iso. I encounter something a while back, when using rufus to make the iso. It was breaking my installs, I switched to Etcher no more install issues. Depending on the iso i've noticed either of them can cause an error. Noticed it when doing my ubuntu, esxi, and pop os usb builds.
  7. You don't have to stray far from ubuntu, xubuntu I believe is pretty much the same thing. Also part of the fun of getting into linux is that now you have options lol enjoy them. Welcome to linux btw, trust me your gonna find it more fun the more you use it. Discord you say, not sure if your into gaming which brought that on I'd recommend also Pop Os Is a linux distro that comes game ready. Normally when I hear that an operating system is acting the fkup like that, even after deleting the entire partition you can't keep ruling the idea that it's a installation problem or the iso/os install. At that point the troubleshooting scope expands to the things that could affect os operations: Bios, or Hardware changes. Specially if you grab the same usb from a previously working install, and now it's magically not working.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by you don't get, but I was trying to see if the ISO's that you downloaded also did the same things inside the virtual machine. Essentially just checking if the same error would replicate, because if it doesn't... If you were able to run an earlier version of it, and you try to install that same version again but the machine persist on acting the same way. Try to check either your Bios or maybe try to install a different distro.
  9. Just curious: Maybe try to torrent the file from them to make sure it's not getting corrupted during downloads: https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads Any Bio's updates done recently? Also good Idea rolling back to a previous version. If you have a spare machine, that would allow a small vm to run. You could also test the ISO's against the vm's to see if the same thing happens.
  10. kilcmd

    Multiple Builds

    Well with all good plans, I hit the wall a few times, including having to swap the rad, I still manage to fit a push pull. Trying to keep it clean, trying is the word. Fired her up, just to make sure nothing went terrible wrong. Thankfully the operation went well, and the engine was moved to the new chassi.
  11. kilcmd

    Multiple Builds

    Quick Trip to Homedepo.. I did a couple of test shots, and then went for it. I think the finish came out good, considering thats the reflection of the ceiling lol. What happen next took every fiber in my body to not cringe through.
  12. kilcmd

    Multiple Builds

    Started taking my setup apart, and moving to the side. Let's be real I smoke, and wasn't going to remember of the top what port I had programmed to what so quick pic called it a day lol. God fearing of taking my machine apart, I figure let me get my case ready. I was curious and slightly "baking a cake", when I was like there too much silver/chrome on this machine.