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  1. Thanks, I’ll try looking at some of these
  2. Next time it happens I would try moving to the output on your motherboard and seeing if that changes anything
  3. Can you try a different output? Also, is this with a graphics card or integrated graphics
  4. Hi all, My pc occiasionaly becomes unresponsive for a few seconds with a strange sound form the speakers. kind of like audio from a slo mo video maybe or when a CD has scratches in it? Previously the system would sort itself out and then be back to normal within 5 to 10 seconds but recently it shuts down very quickly before restating, as though the power has been cut. this happens apparently at random during gaming or light load such as internet browsing. The system is a prebuilt lenovo t730, although its way out of warranty (Specs below). If anyone has any ideas/ similar experience then please let me know! CPU: i7 8700k GPU: GTX 1060 6GB Ram: 16gb Corsair Vengence LPX PSU: lenovo 550w Motherboard: lenovo Storage: 1x256gb nvme (boot drive) 1x 2tb HDD 1x 4tb HDD So far i have tried: - checked all cables are fully connected - bios and all drivers are up to date - removed the custom fan curve for gpu set in afterburner - monitored temps, all normal max at around 75-85C under load and this doesnt coincide with times when the issue occurs
  5. have you ever booted the system succesfully? have you changed anything that might have caused this? do you get a post code? (either a pattern of beeps or a light/display on the mobo)
  6. looks like your graphics card doesnt have the 6 pin cable plugged in, from the top pic
  7. changing the setting did indeed fix the problem. Although, ive changed it back as i prefer a quieter system
  8. It looks like your school has updated its policies to force anyone on its system to keep up to date. I’d ask your it department about it, they may have not thought about students home systems when implementing. Alternatively buy a windows key online and separate from your school system to gain full control again.
  9. Also have you tried using a different output port?
  10. Tried checking for loose connections elsewehere? Power to monitor/display connection seem likely
  11. May also be worth checking your wifi cards driver is up to date
  12. thanks @rares495 think ill probably just keep them running full time then
  13. You can test if its your network connection by playing a few games against bots or the training area in rocket league while offline.
  14. you can buy rain covers from outdoor shops which have elastic and will fit most bags. just get one of those and put over any laptop bag you like the look of. Will be much cheaper